HitFilm Pro For Mac 15.2.0007

December 21, 2020 - FXhome (Free)
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HitFilm Pro is a performance-orientated professional video editor software for mac designed to provide you with all the necessary tools for editing and creating everything from music videos, short films, commercials, features, to full length documentaries and movies. It has 2D and 3D composing abilities and a range of special effects included, which include shockwaves, clouds, rain, gunshots, color grading, chroma-keying, 3D particle generator, 3D gunfire generator.

This professional video editor software is the top choice for artists worldwide. No need to jump from editor to VFX software and back again – it gives you editing, compositing, titling and 3D tools in a single product. You have everything you need in one place.

professional video editor software

Copy, trim, sync and slice at lightning speed using HitFilm’s multi-core and GPU accelerated system. With a new sequence and compositor prefetcher, developers have found a way to improve your playback performance with no compromise on your workflow. With new threaded rendering, your interface will always be snappy and fast, no matter what is rendering underneath.

System Requirements

Operating System macOS 10.13 High Sierra or later
Processor 64-bit processor: Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, Xeon (Nehalem)
Memory 4GB (8 GB Recommended)
Storage Space 1.2 GB free hard disk space
Internet Connection Required for online activation
Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce 400 Series (2010), AMD Radeon HD 6000 Series (2010), Intel HD Graphics 4000 (GT2) (2012), Video memory 1 GB minimum (2GB or more recommended for 4K UHD

Technical Specification

Software Name HitFilm Pro Professional Video Editor Software V
File Size 483 MB
Language English
License Free Trial
Developer FXhome

professional video editor software

HitFilm Pro Professional Video Editor Software Features

3D text

This video editing tool is the only editing product in the industry to also offer true 3D space in which to create your VFX masterpieces. Transform your title from 2D to 3D to make it pop, and add 3D geometry effects such as extrude, bevel and rotate to your text to create the exact look you want.

Lights and shadows

3D text is perfect for a bold film title, but you can also integrate text into a scene – the geometry effects in HitFilm supports lights, shadows and environment maps which make your text appear like real-world natural objects. Add glows, extrusion, emboss or any other of 800+ visual effects directly to the text for customization to your heart’s content.

Ray tracing

Give your titles some real-world feel using the Surface Studio effect. This powerful tool lets you generate animated textures with smooth or rough metallic and vitreous surfaces on any text (or layers) and have them interact with other objects in the scene. Reflect colors from your environment to turn your text into a reactive, cinematic object.

Captions in the editor

At its simplest, Program’s editor lets you add text to your videos quickly and easily. Use the text editor to fully customize your captions with multiple fonts, colors, alignments and sizes to choose from.

2D track them. Animate them.

Make your title follow a character out of shot. Bounce it into the frame. Wipeout Scott Pilgrim-style. With advanced 2D motion tracking within HitFilm, you’ve got endless possibilities for exciting text animation.

Includes industry’s other favorite tools

If all that wasn’t enough, you also get BorisFX Continuum 3D Objects included (worth $299) so that you can extrude, shatter and deform your text. 3D Objects includes 2D/3D plugins like BCC Title Studio which adds 100 new presets and render options to your toolkit. With partners like this, no title is impossible.

Biggest VFX toolkit in the industry

With the software, you have incredible 820+ VFX & presets at your fingertips, ready to use on any layer. From Justice League Flash effects to Ghostbusters-style proton beams, a range of customizable effects is unmatched. Turn back time with an old Western-style shoot with muzzle flashes, add some class to a product shoot with lens flares or scale up your sci-fi short with electricity effects, energy distortions, and more.

Compositing & greenscreen

It ain’t easy fixing green – It created the most powerful Chroma Key in the industry to give you full control over edge detail, color correction, and spill simulation. Effortlessly extract your actors and objects with no lingering green edges.

Audio visualization

It includes tools for visual waveforms, spectrums, and even audio-powered atomic particles. Generate trance-inducing waveforms that tremble to bass lines or old-school bar equalizer graphics that bring back those 90s rave days of yore.

Using 3D models

Import your custom 3D models or animate 3D objects within your composite element by element. Make that BMW promo sleek and sophisticated with real-time, mirrored reflections of your own 3D models.

Particle engines

You’ll find yet another industry-leading piece of technology in HitFilm Pro’s highly coveted particle simulator. It exists in a fully unified 3D space so you can easily enhance your scenes with effects like simulated fireworks and add simulated particles to layers of green screen footage and animation. Fully integrate your objects with 3D cameras, lights, and shadows for a more realistic look.


Make your workspace your own with your favorite plugins and features. Want to use NewBlue, GenArts, Red Giant or RE:Vision products inside HitFilm? Do it. It supports OpenFX plugins to make any scene possible.

Take your pick from hundreds of presets and customize them using the Program’s color grading tools. Analyze and modify individual elements with industry-standard color correction wheels to create that award-winning shot.

Other Features

  • Bleach bypass
  • Cine style
  • Classic cine-style
  • Color cycle
  • Color map
  • Color Phase
  • Color Vibrance
  • Day for night
  • Duo-Tone
  • Grading Transfer
  • Hue colorize
  • Hue shift
  • Invert
  • LUT
  • Shadows & highlights
  • Two Strip Color
  • Three Strip Color
  • Vibrance
  • Vignette
  • Vignette Exposure
  • Auto color
  • Auto contrast
  • Auto levels
  • Brightness & contrast
  • Color balance
  • Color Correction Wheels
  • Color temperature
  • Crush blacks & whites
  • Curves
  • Custom Gray
  • Dehaze
  • Exposure
  • Exposure Pro
  • Gamma
  • Hotspots
  • Hue, Saturation & Lightness
  • Levels histogram
  • Pro Skin Retouch
  • White balance
  • YUV Color Correction
  • YUV Color Transform

Pros and Cons Of HitFilm Pro: Professional Video Editor Software

Pros Cons
A complete package Limited export options
A built-in NLE A fairly steep learning curve


HitFilm Pro is a nice blend of advanced video effects compositor and non-linear traditional editing tools. This professional video editing software is ideal for pro video editors, filmmakers, etc. who want to create great graphics without having to switch between compositing and editing programs not available for totally free download.

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