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August 22, 2020 - Bignox (Free)
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Nox App Player is the best free android emulator for pc dedicated to delivering a good platform to users that wish to play Android games and programs on PC. According to Android 4.4.2 and harmonious with X86/AMD, it gained a fantastic benefit on functionality, compatibility, and stability compared with comparable programs like BlueStacks, LDplayer, or even Andy that the Android Emulator.

Nox Digital Entertainment Co. Limited is a group of like-minded geeks that reside in Hong Kong and develop the very best Program player applications adored by cellular Programs and games users across the globe.  This Emulator is dedicating to supplying the finest digital solution for consumers and create links of Android, Windows, and Mac. Free Android emulator dedicated to delivering the very best experience for consumers to play Android games and programs on PC and Mac. Users may assign mouse and keyboard into the APK matches and Programs with easy key mapping and revel in easy access to works such as place, adjust volume, and a lot more.

Nox App Player Software For PC

Nox App Player For The Best Free Android Emulator Features

Find a Details very Easy

This really is an easy application ideal for many users. In reality, only in the event, you’re stuck it includes a brilliant help file. Which provides you details about each menu and works. At precisely the exact same time, you’ll also require evaluation of the functions to demonstrate practicability. When in need, you might even utilize the lively in text performance in this tool with the intention.

Speedy Performance

Overall, the evaluation function of the application is something that is beyond any typical step. In addition, you’ll have a tool. That takes charge of the speedy performance and response to any functions available inside the program. Why do you need to worry about your Android PC device whenever you’ve got a tool that could assist in these functions in only a click of a button. It’s in the virtualization class and can be available to all applications users as a free download.

Simple to Use

Basically, This is the best free android emulator on PC that used to produces a virtual Android tablet computer on your own desktop. Installation is not fast, but it is very simple, and you’ll be able to log on to Play accounts to download any programs you already have. You are able to alter the player’s preferences, such as producing custom skins and delegating CPU tools to boost performance (while this isn’t a demanding program for the large part). If you would like to play games with a joystick or even game-pad, you are able to map game orders to these peripherals.


Easy, robust emulator

Nox APP Player does not have a lot of bells and whistles, but it does exactly what it sets out to — produce an easy, secure Android emulator that is user-friendly and will operate on many computers. If you’re interested in finding alternative programs.

High FPS

Compatible with games and programs, including popular and new names. Whether you are old-school or a newcomer, you’ll certainly find something interesting to perform Nox Android Emulator. Supports high FPS format, keypad control, and smart-casting; expertise mobile gaming as though you were playing with PC games. Utilize all of them at exactly the exact same moment!

Best Free Android Emulator

Other Features of Nox App Player

  • It is very quick and the emulator never freezes.
  • You can see the highest performance with the Nox emulator.
  • This app player is designed based on Android 4.4.2 Kernel and it is compatible with X86 and AMD.
  • The response speed of the Nox android emulator is really quick and very stable.
  • You can see Best Game Experience with the Nox android app player. This is really a great android emulator to play all kinds of games on this emulator.
  • You can see File Manager, Facebook Lite, Camera apps are already installed.
  • Shaking features is also available in this emulator.
  • Google Play Store and Browser are also available on the Nox emulator.

The tool can prove highly useful when it comes to testing newly developed applications, but it is also meant for those looking only to play Android games with the help of their computer’s keyboard and mouse.

It comes with a multiplayer mode, which allows users to run multiple concurrent instances of the emulator on the same computer screen. Thus, they can have each instance of Nox App Player running a different application or game in the foreground and can monitor all of them simultaneously.

The emulator has been designed with support for connecting gamepads and controllers and also offers full support for the computer keyboard, which can prove handy when playing ARPGs (Action Role Play Games).

The emulator allows users to choose a location for their virtual device and also delivers access to all of the settings and configuration options that a real Android device would offer to them.

How to connect Controller with Nox App Player?

  • As a first, you require connecting the USB Cable of the controller with your Windows PC. Once the connection is established you will witness a ‘Controller’ icon on the upper left side of the emulator.
  • Once you tap on this ‘Controller’ icon you will get navigated to ‘Settings.’
  • Inside ‘Settings’ you can set and control the character’s displacement through the Analog-stick. Moreover, you can set the Multiple Strikes effect as well.
  • Once, you save these ‘Settings’ you are ready to use the controller on the Nox Android Emulator.

Pros And Cons of Nox App Player For The Best Free Android Emulator

Pros Cons
Fast response with low RAM usage Heavy application
Won’t freeze or crash while playing games Slow installation process
Supports external devices and keyboard mapping
Runs many apps at the same time
Regular antivirus and security updates

Video Tutorial of Nox App Player for Free Android Emulator On PC

System Requirements

Operating System Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Processor You require making sure that your PC is running on a 2.2 GHz processor
RAM Minimum 2 GB of RAM is required for Nox App Player to run on its full capacity.
Video Memory 1 GB Video Memory is a must.
Graphics Card Minimum 1 GB Graphics Card is a must.

Technical Specification

Software Name Nox App Player For PC V
File Size 368 MB
Languages English
License Free
Developer Bignox


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