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October 23, 2021 - Whoer Team (Free)
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Whoer VPN for Mac is a lightweight but highly effective VPN and network security application that provides macOS users the ability to extend their private network over the public internet infrastructure with the help of secure remote servers.

The core advantages of using this application on your desktop Mac are the incredible strengthening of your privacy and ability to access online locations and content that are region locked either by various websites themselves or forbidden to access by your government or ISP.

System Requirements

Operating System Mac OS X 10.10 and higher version

Technical Specification

Version Name Latest Version
File Size 24 MB
Languages English
License Free
Developer Whoer Tehttps://whoer.net/download/whoer.pkgam

Whoer VPN Software For Mac Download

Whoer VPN Software For Mac Features

  • Free Internet Access: When using Whoer VPN, you get a fast and stable unlimited connection from your macOS. Our VPN servers are distinguished by high capacity and low ping so that you could get free access to online games, TV shows, music, and movies without geographical restrictions at superb speed.
  • Security Public Wi-Fi Network: When connecting to an unsecured Wifi network via VPN for macOS, your personal information will be protected. It is the easiest way which provides security on the Internet just by pressing a button. It uses a strong encryption algorithm, automatically secures MacOS X connection to any WIFI network, ensuring data privacy.
  • Own DNS Server: DNS servers of Whoer VPN guarantee anonymity and security when connecting a MacOS to VPN. Protection against DNS and IP leaks ensures the absence of blockages on the basis of geographical location. The developer created all these VPN features to improve your MacOS X performance online.

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With a simple installation of this app, you can enjoy the benefits such as automatic hiding of your IP address, establishing a secure encrypted connection where your data will be safe from anyone who wishes to intercept it, lack of any logs that will provide a history of your online behavior, protect your personal data, mask the real-world location of your Mac, and of course, ability to access blocked websites, blocked social networks and enjoy online games.

This all comes in a small installation package that weighs just over 30 MB in size, with an automated installer/uninstaller and streamlined access to all of its easy-to-use tools.

The main purpose of a VPN tool like this one is to give you the ability to safely browse the internet and make sure that your privacy is hidden.

It allows you to make sure you don’t give away personal information and important data collected when visiting various websites.

You will also visit various sites that aren’t available in your country. It is useful when you want to visit a site with geo-restrictions, and you’re unfortunate enough not to be able to see it from where you are.


The interface of Whoer for macOS is very pleasing to the eye and intuitive. Upon first starting of the app, you will be prompted to enter your access code that is provided to every holder of Whoer VPN profile account, and then you are welcomed to the main app window that features a few tools and three main tabs – VPN (for managing your VPN connection), Plans (for purchasing additional access to the service) and Settings (that holds a small number of customization options, including the selector that will favor mimicking of home or mobile device).

To activate the VPN connection, simply go to the VPN tab, choose the desired country through which your connection will be routed, and press the green “Connect” button. Once the connection is established, you will be able to see your new Public IP address and monitor the transfer rates between you and the server. In addition to single-server VPN browsing, you can also perform an additional hop with the help of the Tunneling service by clicking on the “Use Double VPN” button.

Video Tutorial of Whoer VPN Services


Whoer VPN is a lightweight VPN that helps you browse the web safely and quickly, with its modern interface.