Yuzu Nintendo Switch Emulator 1.8

August 21, 2021 - Yuzu Emulator Team (Free)
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Yuzu is the best Nintendo Switch Emulator gaming software that has actually managed to be very proficient in providing strong compatibility, accurate emulation, and even the ability to render numerous games in a fully playable state. That’s right! With the Yuzu emulator, the owners of a bit stronger PC configurations can unlock access to some of the most popular titles that are breaking sales records on the newly released Nintendo Switch console. This includes not only 1st party games developed by Nintendo but also numerous 3rd party titles offered by numerous developers from all around the world.

The program can come in handy for advanced users who want to try out various Nintendo games that remain exclusive to this ecosystem, as it can make them more accessible to players around the globe. Then again, despite the fact that the emulator has been announced with bells and whistles, you should know that there is little information regarding its full potential and functions.

Yuzu Nintendo Switch Emulator For Windows

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor Intel i5-4430 or AMD Ryzen 3 1200
Memory 8 GB RAM

Technical Specification

Software Name Yuzu Software For Windows V 1.8
File Size 6.6 MB
Languages English
License Free
Developer Yuzu Emulator Team

Yuzu software For Windows

Developed and regularly updated by the Citra Team, the same group of talented coders that have created a powerful Nintendo 3DS emulator called CitraYuzu today represents the only Nintendo Switch emulator that can competently run commercial games. This feat is enabled by full integration of the emulator framework with the core OS, firmware, GPU driver, and hardware solutions found in the Nintendo Switch console, enabling strong PC configurations to accurately emulate the console’s ARM processor and Nvidia Tegra GPU. To achieve the best performance, the users are recommended to give the emulator as much CPU processing power as possible, and the presence of a capable modern GPU is also strongly needed.

Super Mario Game On Yuzu Emulator

After years of development and hard work on identifying thousands of individual issues that creep up when rendering a single video game, Yuzu today enables PC users to for example boot up and play incredibly popular 3D platformer Super Mario Odyssey at high framerate, 4K resolution! While the same feat can also be repeated on a few other popular games, this emulator still lacks the ability to flawlessly reproduce the entire library of software available on the Switch console. However, Citra Team is constantly upgrading this emulator, and each month offers new and exciting tools, fixes, and rendering advancements that can quickly move many games from an unplayable state to an incredibly polished experience.


Yuzu Nintendo Switch Emulator is 100% FREE and is optimized for use on Windows 10. While anyone can access this emulator, the Patron subscribers of this development project gain exclusive access to the newest builds before they are released to the public.