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February 24, 2020 - Everimaging Limited
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Fotor Photo Editor is a free online designer and editing tool catering to all your photographic and image creation needs! Powerful, user-friendly, and globally accessible, It is an online photo editing suite, utilizing exclusive technology to bring an unprecedented level of editing control to anyone and everyone. While the ‘collage’ and ‘edit’ features are already enjoyed by millions of users, daily, the new ‘design’ feature gives the common user the ability to design any form of graphics and cover, limited only by imagination. This is an online photo editor that makes everything simple and fun!

With so many image editing programs being hosted on countless online services, users can today rarely find an app that perfectly fit their needs. Some apps offer functionality that is too simplified with just several types of effects that can quickly modify your image and prepare it for online sharing, while others are dedicated to professionals and their numerous needs. In the middle, however, there is a wide array of possible solutions, all offering comprehensive but easy to use tools and intuitive interfaces that can be used both by novices and seasoned designers.

FotorOne such app is Fotor, an incredibly powerful cloud-powered image editor that has managed to use its simple interface to easily give anyone access to a truly wide set of tools for absolutely free. Continue reading if you want to find out more about this popular freeware service.

Fotor Photo Editor Overview

It is one of the best online photo editors, created to enable users of all technical or design knowledge levels to easily manipulate their pictures and easily transform their own photos into much more attractive pieces of content that can be not only stored into your local catalogs or shared to the internet with your friends and family but also incorporate them into your home, team, school or even work projects. Even though this web application has a very stylish and modern interface that is focused on eye-catching icons and animated approach of manipulating tools, developers did not cut corners with tool complexity.

Anyone who loads Fotor in their browser tab will get access full access to all the tools and services that are needed for Photo Editing, creation of Photo Collages, managing HDR photographs, tools for retouching faces, creation of photo cards, webcam image imports, and much more.  The editor has 5 main categories of image manipulation – Photo Editing, Beauty, Photo Collage, Photo Cards, and HDR, with photo editing receiving the largest support. In that editor users can easily manage all basic parameters of their image, access incredible array of Effects, Frames, Clip Art, Text tools and with few clicks of mouse button save your images both to your local storage (JPG or PNG) and export it to external services such as Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, Flick, and Real Prints.

Fotor Edit Effects

Fotor Features

  • Interface: The main page of Fotor is very well designed, promoting the capabilities of this online image editor. The editor itself will launch with the stock photo already loaded, and from there, users can easily start uploading their own photos from all supported sources (PC, webcam, Dropbox and many others). The dashboard of the editor is very well designed, enabling quick access to all the available tool categories and tools themselves, many of them having individual settings that can help you customize your images just the way you want it. The interesting feature that has to be mentioned is the “Compare” button that is situated on the top of the app. With it you can easily see how much your picture changed from its original state.
  • Registration and cost: Fotor is 100% free for use, without the ability to pay for any kind of premium account.
  • Photo Editing: Fotor is a renowned photo editor, designed to bring powerful digital image editing to you. With basics such as 1-tap enhance, resize, crop, rotate, and straighten, it also has many unique features. Its a huge range of filters and effects are not limited to; photo effects, lomo effects, cool effects, funky effects, blur effect and webcam effects, but also include; photo frames, stickers, text, color splash, mosaic, and tilt-shift tools.
  • Photo Collage: To express more feeling than a single image can contain, we need new ways to say more. A well-designed collage can tell a story, share some special feelings and even capture a person’s life. From collage maker, photo stitching to funky collage and other new effects, Fotor’s fantastic collage feature is highly popular! Combine the photo editor’s great features with collage to create something amazing!photo collage of fotor photo editor
  • Graphic Design: Whether you’re designing perfect twitter covers, youtube channel art, Facebook covers, google plus covers, graphic design or even a photo montage, Fotor has you covered!… But if these were still not enough, now Fotor gives you the ability to make amazing Instagram posts, Facebook posts, photo cards and posters with the new poster maker!
  • HDR Effects: HDR Photography utilizes different levels of light exposure to enhance an image, bringing out deeper colors, greater detail, and all-round better image quality. Due to a world-leading HDR algorithm, Fotor can create images of unparalleled quality. Simply upload 3 photos, one of normal, low and high exposure and watch as an astonishing level of detail is brought to life! Don’t settle for second best, try Fotor’s HDR tech today!
  • To Retouch your image: With this Photo Editor, looking your best has never been so easy! Whether you’re using photo retouching features to maximize a photo for your CV, or simply making yourself look even more beautiful with Fotor’s skin smoothing, wrinkle remover, photo reshaping, blemish remover, red-eye remover, and teeth whitener this feature shouldn’t be ignored. save image fotor photo editor

Fotor Photo Editor is recommended to be used for almost any type of entry and medium level image manipulation, managing to cater to everyone except true professionals who remand their image editing to be completely controlled by powerful applications like Adobe Photoshop or GIMP.

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