Streamlabs OBS Live Streaming Software Streamlabs OBS 0.21.2

April 21, 2020 - Streamlabs (Free)
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Live streaming of videos and games has spread like a bushfire and been the most trending craze around us. Streamlabs OBS, easy to use, feature-rich, powerful and very simple to set up, is an All-in-one desktop streaming free software, built for professional streamers for Windows PC. Level up your stream with reliable, easy-to-setup desktop streaming software built for professional streamers. It allows you to view multiple windows like a chatbox, video editor.

Whether you’re a content creator who’s new to live streaming or you’re a business owner who streams live as your prime profession and source of income, you can rest assured there’s a solution out there suited for you. Stream labs OBS for PC dashboard, etc in one place. This walkthrough will show you exactly what each window provides and how to utilize the window to improve your stream. The app will automatically take you to the editor window after the initial onboarding process, and when you first open the app. The editor window allows you to make changes to your scenes, sources, and mixer and you can see how the broadcast will look like in the video preview. Thousands of streamers love Streamlabs OBS for Desktop. Now’s your turn!


The dashboard window is extracted straight from the website. Once you log in through SLOBS, you will be automatically logged in on your dashboard. You can access everything on the window from widgets, alert profiles, donation settings, account settings and more. You can see the preview of the overlays in the “library” and click on the themes to install them. These overlays (regular and animated) are FREE! Each art frames are adjustable and removable. You can further customize them in the editor window. Live Window (Recent Events) This window is your Recent Events window on the website. You can see the most recent stream events, redemptions, giveaways & polls, and the overlay extension music player in this window. You can pause, mute, and skip alerts whenever you want with the control buttons on the top right corner.

The highlight of the application steams from the numerous overlay available, some of them being animated. As you would expect, you can make any desired modifications to these designs, as the frames are both removable and adjustable. If you are still not satisfied, then you can make additional changes in the Editor.

At the same time, the program includes a dashboard window that allows you to access and manage anything related to broadcasts, including, but not limited to widgets, alert profiles, donation settings, account settings, so on and so forth. On a side note, from here you can also set up the alerts that you would like to receive notifications.

Streamlabs OBS Features

Simple and Easy Streaming
Streamlabs OBS is a free reliable streaming app with the fastest setup process on the market. We have developed an all-in-one application making streaming easy for everyone. Whether you’re a novice or experienced streamer, Streamlabs OBS will provide you the best streaming experience, with tools built to engage, grow, and monetize your channel.

Customizable Alerts
Tailor-make the look and feel of your alert by customizing the layout, animation, message, text, image and more.

Cloud Backups – Stream From Everywhere 
Live stream from anywhere you like. All of your Streamlabs settings are fully backed up in the cloud, always.

Beautiful Themes
There are over 250 free themes available in Streamlabs. With Streamlabs Prime, our premium tool-kit for creators, you also receive hundreds of premium overlay themes created by the best designers in the business.

Interesting Widgets
Over a dozen engaging widgets designed to increase viewer participation and improve monetization.

Integrated Chat
Keep track of all the chatter in your stream. View your chat directly in Streamlabs.

Selective Recording
Pick and choose the sources that appear in a recorded video of your live broadcast.

Low CPU Usage
Streamlabs keeps your CPU usage to a minimum. We automatically scan your internet speed and computer hardware to give you our recommended settings for your particular set up.


How much does Streamlabs cost?
“Streamlabs for PC is free to use, we do not charge any fees and there is no monthly price. Please note that some services such as Paypal or Stripe charge their own fees that they collect separately. We do not charge you any additional fees on tips & donations.”

Which streaming platforms do you support?
The Streamlabs OBS for Desktop platform now supports Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, and Facebook, with more coming soon including Hitbox.

When I receive a tip/donation, where does the money go?
When a tip is made to a broadcaster, the money is processed directly through the payment option from the donor to the receiver. The funds never actually touch on end, so if you have issues with receiving funds or chargebacks you will need to contact the payment processor directly.

I don’t stream with a computer, can I use it on my console?
While you can use still use the software 2020 latest version to raise money from your viewers, it is not currently possible to embed widgets directly into your console. To fully take advantage of the platform, you will need to stream through a computer using popular streaming software.

StreamlabsOBS High CPU usage in Idle

  • Make sure all drivers are up-to-date and are matching 64-bit versions of your system.
  • Almost every source you use uses CPU to be functioning properly. The more you have the higher the total CPU usage would be.
  • Downloaded animated overlays can cause high CPU usage due to the WebM video files used as overlays.
  • Using many different browser sources can cause high CPU usage, try limiting them or create references.
  • You can delete the program browser source cache that can cause high CPU usage

Developers credit: StreamLabs