Top 10 Apps In 2021

November 20, 2020 - (Free)

Smartphones are an essential part of our daily lives. What was once used as a tool to make calls has significantly grown to become a necessity of our life.

When we think about the uses of smartphones many things have indulged mobile technologies.  Few of the industries that are involved in it:

  • Educational sector
  • Industrial sector
  • Retail and marketing sector
  • Medical sector
  • The freelancing sector, etc.

Thanks to the wide range of mobile applications, without them we are unable to utilize mobile at its full potential.

top 10 apps in 2021

Popular Application Stores

Numerous application stores are running online, but few of the popular choices are as such:

  • Google Play store
  • Apple store
  • Windows 10

But we are going to discuss the Google play store applications.

 Google Play store history

Google play formerly known as (Android market) was announced on August 28, 2008. Currently, it’s the official app store for the devices that are running on the Android operating system.

It’s a market loaded with applications, Most of them are free while others are paid. Applications included are as such:

  • Utilities
  • Software
  • Games
  • Music
  • Videos
  • Pictures
  • Themes
  • Connectivity applications and so much more.

Google play store has seriously revolutionized the android industry. Recent studies show that Google play store has 3.04 million apps.

Google play store

Finding the top applications among these 3.04 million apps is like finding fur on a rattlesnake. But our experts after testing thousands of applications have broken down the 10 best applications you must have.

These are given as below:

10 best android applications

  1. Microsoft Swiftkey

Featured in best android keyboards

Downloads: 5 Billion+

Rating: 4.4

App size: 51Mb

With over 5 billion downloads Swiftkey it’s the most trusted app on android for keyboard across the world. Features include are:

  • It uses artificial intelligence to predict the word a user is going to write and shows the relevant gestures
  • Autocorrect typing feature makes our typing speed faster
  • Excellent keyboard for bilingual users as it supports 400+ languages
  • Learns the writing style of the users
  • With the largest variety of inbuilt emojis, it helps in sending on time emoji while chatting
  • Shows heat maps and different reports related to typing history.

microsoft swiftkey

  1. Evernote

Featured in Android Note-taking Apps

Downloads: 1 Billion+

Rating: 4.2

App size: Varies according to device

As the name gives a hint, Evernote notes down anything and anywhere that inspires your mind. Other features it includes are:

  • Helps in organizing thoughts and ideas
  • Share and edit across any device
  • Clip articles or webpages for later use
  • Attach documents, photos, audios, and web clippings
  • It allows you to organize things in memos, to-do list, or daily tasks
  • Especially handy for writers to note down anything that strikes our mind.
  • It also has a premium mode for more features like scanning documents through mobile cameras, etc.

evernote is one of the top 10 apps to download in 2021

  1. WPS Office

Featured in Best Android Office Apps

Downloads: 1 Billion+

Rating: 4.6

App size: 101Mb

WPS office is exactly a copy of the Microsoft Office full version, designed according to the needs of android. Features it includes are:

  • Fully compatible with Pdf
  • Compatible with Microsoft word
  • Compatible with PowerPoint
  • Compatible with Excel
  • Compatible with Google docs
  • Supports multi-window mode while editing
  • Easy to share files across devices
  • Connects with the cloud drive to automatically store your files on the cloud
  • Helps in remote work
  • Free office suite.

wps office

  1. WhatsApp messenger

Featured in Best Messaging Apps

Downloads: 50 Trillion+

Rating: 4.3

App size: Varies according to the device

WhatsApp is an online text messaging application free to use. Features it includes are:

  • Helps in communicating with each other using Local Internet service provider
  • Chat or text
  • Send voice notes
  • Make audio or video calls
  • Share images, videos, files, and links
  • Share live locations
  • Broadcast messages to a group of people at a time
  • Saves offline messages
  • Instantly connects with the mobile’s Contact book.

whatsapp messenger

  1. SuperVPN

Featured in Best VPN Service apps

Downloads: 1 Billion+

Rating: 4.7

App size: 11Mb

SuperVPN app is designed to surf the internet safely while being anonymous. Other features it includes are:

  • Free trial time with unlimited bandwidth
  • Protects our privacy
  • Hides our location
  • Hides our IP address
  • Encrypts our Internet traffic
  • Removes geographically restrictions
  • Boosts the internet speed while others drag speed.


  1. Plagiarism checker

Featured in Best Plagiarism apps

Downloads: 1 Hundred thousand+

Rating: 3.2

App size: 15Mb

Plagiarism checker is a detective app that scans our documents sentence by sentence to check any duplication along with showing the results in real-time. Other features it includes are:


  • Fast and secure to use
  • 99% accurate results
  • Save reports
  • Highlights the duplicated sentence
  • Drag and drop any documents
  • It shows the source showing copied in real-time
  • Compatible with all popular formats PDF, DOCX, TXT
  • Compares with billions of online pages across the Internet libraries.

plagiarism checker

  1. Air Droid

Featured in Best Screen Mirror apps

Downloads: 10 Million+

Rating: 4.3

App size: 38Mb

Air Droid is the best mobile management suite. We need to install the app on PC and Mobile to simultaneously use them. Features it includes are:

  • Mirror our mobile on our PC
  • Receive calls without even looking at the mobile
  • Reply to the texts
  • Receive and see the notifications
  • Access the camera of our mobile from the PC
  • Backup and synchronize our files from our mobiles to PC
  • Share files from our mobile to PC or Visa e Versa
  • Access any application or game on our mobile from PC.


  1. Alarm clock Alarmy

Featured in Best Alarm apps

Downloads: 10 Million+

Rating: 4.6

App size: 65Mb

Most of us have a habit of skipping alarms, especially in the mornings. Alarm clock Alarmy is a must-have tool which irritates until we wake up. Features it includes are:

  • Set the difficulty level as per our needs
  • It prompts us with puzzles and tasks before stopping the alarm
  • Shake the mobile 100 times before stopping the alarm
  • Take picture of a registered place before stopping the alarm from the same angle
  • Solve different Math equations before dismissing the alarm
  • Scan the barcode we have registered before dismissing the alarm
  • Very loud alarming ringtones
  • Wake up check will check until you are fully awake
  • Type in motivational quotes before stopping the alarm.


  1. MasterClass

Featured in Best learning apps

Downloads: 5 Hundred thousand+

Rating: 4.5

App size: 30Mb

In all respective fields, the experts always have something to teach us. MasterClass allows us to learn from the world’s best instructors. Features it includes are:

  • Over 90+ instructors across different categories sports, music, cooking, etc.
  • Stream anywhere and anytime on any device
  • Learn in bit pieces according to our schedule
  • Recorded videos to watch our experts doing it lively
  • Demonstrations, cinematic visuals, for better visual and learning experience.


10. Shazam

Featured in Best Song finding apps

Downloads: 5 Billion+

Rating: 4.4

App size: Varies according to the device

Shazam is a music recognition application that identifies any song being played in our surroundings. Features it includes are:

  • Drag or hold the mobile near to the song being played
  • Discover new songs
  • Discover new artists
  • Discover new videos
  • Add that music into a personal music library
  • Shows the direct source from Apple and Spotify music stores to buy them.


Last words

There are millions of apps and all of them have importance, but the above-given apps are innovative and quite essential in our daily lives.



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