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November 4, 2020 - Photopea Team
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Photopea is an Online Free Photo Editor (to be used from your browser) that can handle Photoshop, GIMP, and Sketch files. Photopea is an extensive photo editor that has many functions, such as layers and masks. You can also use it to perform all common operations and apply filters. And in Dutch.

Photopea Online Free Photo Editor

Photopea is very useful if you do not have a photo editing And Design program at your disposal and want to adjust images quickly from your browser. It’s great that Photopea can open and edit Photoshop (PSD), GIMP (XCF), and Sketch files. Also, png, jpeg, gif, bmp, svg, and many other photo formats are supported.

The power within a browser

Online Free Photo Editor Software

Photopea looks and feels like Adobe Photoshop, and that’s a good thing because it feels very familiar to creators. If you’ve used any Online Free Photo Editor for editing software that has a similar design, you’ll be able to dive right into Photopea. You can make global edits like adjusting an image’s HSL or brightness, and also make more specific edits like selecting an image from a background. It works with raster images and vectors and supports several file formats.

What’s impressive about this to me is that it’s all within your browser. Photopea doesn’t require a download. It’s a PWA that you can either use inside a normal browser interface or “install” as an app through browsers such as Google Chrome or the version of Microsoft Edge that’s powered by Chromium. But even when “installed”, you still don’t have to download anything. The app is in your browser, but the editing is done on your machine. All of your work is stored locally, so nothing is put into a server or a cloud.

Because of how Photopea works, you can open it instantly on just about any machine, including PCs running Windows 10 in S Mode or even Chromebooks. It works with PSD files well and also supports the vast majority of file formats that image editors will need. It’s a great photo editor for working across platforms and being able to jump into edit on any device without having to download anything.

Photopea Online Free Photo Editor For Editing anywhere

Power of Online Free Photo Editor

It’s the most significant selling point is that it’s so easy to use anywhere. It works very well with PSD files, with support for layer editing and saving a file as a PSD file. That means that you can take a file that you have on the cloud, a USB drive, or any device, and make some quick edits on any device without having to download anything.

For a professional user, This web app isn’t going to replace Photoshop, though that’d be a big thing to ask from a free piece of software. Instead, Photopea is an excellent companion for photo editors who need to make edits on a machine that isn’t their normal setup.

If you’re a prosumer or casual editor, It will meet many of your demands. It’s convenient, can handle a wide range of edits, and is easy to learn thanks to Photopea online tools.

Impressive and convenient online free Photo editor

Impressive and convenient Online Free Photo Editor

Photopea is a unique photo editor. It is convenient, easy to learn, and can handle a wide range of edits. It also supports a wide range of formats, so you can edit just about any image file. It does not have enough advanced tools to replace professional photo editors, but it can make a good companion. There are also a few performance issues and some intrusive ads, but overall, it is worth checking out. 

Photopea – Online Free Photo Editor Features

  • Advanced layering
  • Support the most common files types (.PSD .XD .sketch .PDF .XCF RAW)
  • Auto Select
  • Effects and Filters
  • Batch Editing
  • Collaborative Editing
  • Enhancement Tools
  • Remove objects
  • Transform tools
  • Text Tool
  • Import-Export Option
  • Cloud Storage
  • Built-in Templates
  • Import from web
  • Revision Control
  • Social Media Integration

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
The free version isn’t restricted Performance can stutter during edits
Large feature set
Doesn’t require a download
Can work in several browsers

Video Tutorial of Photopea – Online Free Photo Editor Software


Photopea is one of the best online free photo editor software that is worth trying your hand at. Even if you are someone that is extremely loyal to the traditional version of your Photoshop.

It is one of the best alternatives of Photoshop out there today, and a whole bunch of tech geeks who have already made the switch stand testimony to this software does not require any sort of commitment from you as a user such as a subscription or installation, it could be said that you are potentially not going to lose anything by testing this piece of genius-ware out for your own self. It is a smaller and easier to use version of your traditional PSD editing software and is extremely intuitive in nature.

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