Deskify Android Emulator 4.2.355

November 3, 2020 - Deskify Inc (Free)
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Deskify’s top-of-the-line graphics engine pairs with your PC’s hardware to maximize your gaming experience with the all-new Android Emulator For Windows 10 and play thousands of games for PC! It brings the mobile experience to your PC or laptop for a truly uninterrupted and amplified gaming experience. You’ll never miss a critical move or shot again.

You can even stream your games in real-time via Twitch.TV, Facebook Live, or any other platform with endless content. Your audience will never be bored. It just blows away the competition.

Deskify Android Emulator

System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements
Operating System Windows 7, 8
Processor Intel Core-i3 4th generation or equal
Memory Minimum 6 GB of RAM
DirectX 11
Additional Information Hardware Virtualization Technology (Intel VT-x/AMD-V) shall be enabled in BIOS
Recommended System Requirements
Operating System Windows 10
Processor Intel Core-i5 4th generation or equal
Memory 8 GB or more RAM.

Technical specification

Software Name Deskify Software For Windows V.4.2.355
File Size 3.20 MB
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Free
Developer Deskify Team

Benefits of Deskify Android Emulator For Windows 10

All The Benefits Of A Desktop PC
Want to use a keyboard and customize your keys? gamepad or controller? Just bought a 24-inch screen? Imagine playing Rise of Kingdoms on that baby with smooth graphics with no lag or jittering! With Deskify, you can do all that, and then some.

Mobile LOW On Battery? We Got You Covered.
In the middle of a great game but no phone charger insight? Simply save your game, open-up Deskify on your PC, and seamlessly go back into the same session.

Play Instantly And Choose From The Largest Select
With Deskify’s vast selection of Android titles, you’ll be able to load up and play all your favorite Android apps in seconds right on your computer monitor for a clearer picture and improved in-game visibility.

Multi-Instance Game Play
Deskify gives you the ability to open multiple instances of the same or different games, simultaneously and across multiple accounts, so you can gain the edge, act faster, and power-up quicker.

Modify Your Desktop with the Best Android Applications
Why stay limited to your smartphone when you can have all your favorite android apps set up on your Windows computer? That’s right. With the right android emulator you can download and install apps from the Play Store directly on your desktop so that you can access everything you need from one device.

Best free App for Deskify-Android-Emulator


Deskify  Android Emulator is an ultra-lite gaming emulator that gives you instant access to the entire Android Play Store directory of games and apps directly on your Windows computer!

Deskify Android Emulator for PC

One Single Login, Two Ultra Fast Gaming Platforms.
Already have a Play Store account linked to a mobile device? Great! Use it to log in to Deskify and instantly sync your current app library to any desktop or laptop PC. You can now switch between both devices seamlessly and effortlessly.

New To Mobile Games? Get Ready For The Ride Of Your Life!
Never had the pleasure of experiencing the Play Store before? No worries, It makes it fast & easy to sign-up and start playing games from one of the largest online catalogs of gaming titles ever assembled.

More Power Than Ever Before At The Tip Of Your Fingers
Even with an entry-level Laptop or Desktop, our new & improved emulating technology will provide you with smoother, completely lag-free gaming & graphics, up to 6x faster than any mobile device on the market!

Like To Color Outside Of The Lines?
It also allows you to manually load and run APK’s taken from external providers that aren’t even available from the Play Store. Simply download the Android Package (.APK file) and launch it with Deskify.

Deskify is the Best Android Emulator For Windows 10

All the features you need to enjoy the best possible gaming experience.

  •  Ultra-lite, ultra-fast, and ultra-powerful mobile game emulation!
  • Comes ready-to-play with hundreds of titles like Rising of Kingdoms, Epic Seven, and more!
  • Fully optimized for Hyper-V (VT) to give you the fastest and smoothest graphics possible!
  •  At least 6x times faster than the best mobile phones and tablets currently on the market!
  •  Fully customize your controller or keyboard and improve your skills with better accuracy!
  •  Play multiple games (or the same game) simultaneously to get the edge and level-up faster!
  •  Record your gaming sessions and connect to your Twitch account!
  •  Maximum performance with better frame rates giving you a more immersive experience!

3 Easy Steps To Run And Play Deskify Android Emulator For Windows 10

Designed and built for novices and hard-core gamers alike.

1. Download Deskify Android Emulator For PC


2. Choose Any Game For Deskify


3. Start Playing Game On Deskify!



The Deskify Android emulators you can use to run on your Windows PC. You may be a developer who is looking to test apps or you might be a casual user who is just looking around to play some games, you will definitely find the best emulator that you need. It just amazing with great performances and with a lot of features. Also, these are free to download. So, you can just choose any and try for yourself how it works for you and your games too.

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