About Us

FILEHULK is an independent website aimed to provide ‘trial and free software download’, direct from the developer’s website which is almost free from any malware or spammy links. We took a lot of care for your peace of mind and comfort by considering the ‘pain’ while someone is searching to download ‘free software’ online.

How FILEHULK born?

During my final years of engineering, I had to download some software, drivers and tools for my pc. When I googled it, find tonnes of websites offering ‘free software downloads’, but when I checked it one by one (Due to their vulnerable software download links which floated me here and there), I was very much disappointed by their ‘online behavior’, most of them are engaged in tricky download and took a lot of time to download the software which I was looking for. Ultimately, I decided to launch a website, which should have all popular software trial versions and it must be free from any tricky downloads, and finally, I launched this one, FILEHULK.COM

As said, we took a lot of care for someone’s pleasure of mind, because the ‘free’ is being worst now. Most of the websites that are offering ‘free software download’, are deeply engaged in ‘spammy link sharing’, ‘unwanted redirects’, ‘pop-up downloads’ and other promotional activity which may interrupt your internet surfing and may harmful for your pc in long run. As per our perception, if we offer ‘free’ then it must be an honest free, then why these malicious and disturbing downloads?

So, as far as the concern to download a ‘free software’ from our website, all our users and visitors will experience below  written differences:

  1. An easy to find the download button
  2. No pop-ups, free from spammy downloads
  3. No promotional download links
  4. No redirects
  5. Free from unwanted software/apps download
  6. No hidden malware
  7. Simple and easy content to understand the features or just click on the download

We tried our best and still working round the clock to make it better, yet if you have any concern or suggestions please email us on FILEHULK@GMAIL.COM