Camtasia Studio Software For PC 2021

May 1, 2021 - TechSmith Corporation (Free)
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Camtasia for Windows is the best professional free video editing software for making quality videos using the most up-to-date video assets. Build amazing videos and demos for YouTube using the app’s contribution. Simply record the video, edit and modify it, and then import it into a PowerPoint presentation or add it to an existing library. Create stunning videos in no time and share them with your community.

This is very easy software for a screen recorder that allows you to make professional videos without having to be a video expert. Record screen movements and actions with ease, or import HD video from a camera or other source. Customize and edit the content on both Mac and Windows devices, and then share your videos with viewers on almost every browser.

Best Free Video Editing Software For Windows

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor 2.8 Ghz 6th Generation Intel Core i3 Processor with 2 CPU Cores or 2.8 Ghz 1st Generation AMD Ryzen 3 Processor with 2 CPU Cores
Memory 8 GB RAM
Storage Space 4 GB of available disk space
Display Resolution Display resolution of 1366×768
Required Device Internal Microphone
Network Connection Internet Connection Required

Technical Specification

Software Name Camtasia Studio Software For Windows V 2021
File Size 455 MB
Language English
License Free Trial
Developer TechSmith Corporation

Camtasia Studio For The Best Free Video Editing Software For PC

Camtasia Studio For The Best Free Video Editing Software Features

  • Simple Recording: Camtasia Studio Recording of anything you want—- whole screen or just a Window, capturing of PowerPoint slides, demos, or WebPages with an addition of video, images, audio, and PowerPoint presentation.
  • Smooth Editing: A streamlined video editing gives a professional look to your creation. Simply combine multiple clips, trimming, high or low-speed dotage. It also enables you to take an instant preview of the video editor.
  • Addition of Effects: Get a polished video just like being a video pro through the addition of effects like highlights, animation, titles, transitions, notes, shapes, captions, and a lot more. Drag- and- drop with ease on your timeline and share it with friends.
  • Easy Cursor Movements: The handy app makes your experience gigantic and impressive with larger use of the cursor. Just click on animation or highlights to make mouse movements easier to track. You can also record keystrokes on screen for an easy following to users.
  • Add moving Graphics: The layering of an intro as well as outro sequences and title animation for creating combined quality throughout all your videos.
  • Audio: Audio Files is the best way of creating a professional-looking video. The app provides a large variety of songs without any fees and you can add your own content too.
  • Drop-in PowerPoint: With a simple dragging of PowerPoint presentation from the app, select the slides and import them to your timeline.
  • Use of Multimedia: Create better communication through the addition of videos, and narration to your selected slides. To make your presentation more effective add recorded webcam footage.
  • Improve Learning with Videos: Make your videos best for online learning by adding quizzes for the active interaction of students.
  • Customization: Ready-to-use themes with custom colors and fonts make your recording reliable and attractive.

The recording process goes incredibly smooth and although one would expect such an application to be a bit heavy on computer resources, Camtasia works fine. In fact, this is a mandatory thing because Camtasia thus leaves resources to other applications whose activity on the screen must be recorded.

Once the source video is captured, users can add callouts, audio effects, transitions, cursor effects and title clips along with voice narration and picture-in-picture functions. Each of these features might initially take some time getting used to, but the output is worth every minute spent experimenting.

A timeline is a handy tool that serves as an overview of the items added so far to the project, and adjusting the timing of each of them is as easy as moving a slider.

Pros And Cons of Camtasia Studio For Screen Recording And Video Editing Software

Pros Cons
It offers an intuitive interface Only has basic editing functionalities
It comes with various features
It supports multiple file formats
It perfect for creating learning materials