Ashampoo Driver Updater For PC 1.3.0

September 3, 2020 - Ashampoo (Free)
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Ashampoo Driver Updater is used to find the old drivers and update them on your computer. It makes a perfect computer system by using the latest drivers. It constantly keeps your Windows drivers up to date. It is designed to prevent crashes and ensure that all the hardware components are working properly.

This is one of the many applications that enable you to scan the computer for outdated drivers and download the latest driver packages. It analyzes your hardware components and drivers, compares the results against a gigantic database – and then replaces outdated drivers with their latest versions.

Ashampoo Driver Updater Software For PC

Ashampoo Driver Updater Software Features

Scan – install – done

There’s no need for menu acrobatics with Ashampoo Driver Updater. The well-designed program performs its job of keeping your computer up to date quickly and with a high degree of usability. It analyzes your hardware components and drivers, compares the results against a gigantic database – and then replaces outdated drivers with their latest versions.


Scans PC for outdated drivers and allows you to update them

Once launched, Ashampoo Driver Updater instantly starts scanning your computer. The search concludes with a pie chart that shows you how many drivers are up-to-date and how many aren’t.

You can navigate to the ‘Overview’ section to view a list of all the drivers that found on your computer, whether they are up-dare or not. For each entry, you can compare your installed version with the newer ones, and check the publisher’s name.

Downloads updates in batch and creates backups

Once you select the desired drivers from the list, you will be able t download all the updates in batch. It is advisable you create a restore point before applying the changes, an option that is enabled by default in Ashampoo Driver Updater.

The application takes further security measures, allowing you to create backups of installed drivers, so as to restore them quickly, if necessary.

By default, This software is configured to check all the drivers to see whether they are outdated or not. Nevertheless, you can also add exceptions, which will be excluded from future scans.

Helps you run scans once in a while to keep the PC in top shape

Running driver scans periodically will make sure drivers installed on your PC benefit from the latest features and fixes. Ashampoo Driver Updater also features an integrated scheduler, which can help you run scanning tasks whenever they want.

Maximum gaming performance

Drivers are constantly being developed and updated to avoid crashes and make the most out of installing hardware components. Especially games immensely benefit from high system performance. Current graphics drivers can give you that extra boost when you need it.

The good feeling when everything just works

Even without noticeable crashes, your system components might not be working optimally. WLAN dropouts, hissing sound, or disconnected printers are frequent issues. Often, it’s Windows default drivers to provide less than ideal functionality. Leave no more room for subpar drivers!

The perfect Windows system

The transition to Windows 10 meant a lot of trouble for many users. Will installed hardware components still be supported, what are they called and where can suitable drivers be obtained? Ashampoo Driver Updater does the hard work and instantly finds all available Windows 10 drivers for you.


Other Features of Ashampoo Driver Updater

  • Always up-to-date driver database
  • Comfortable driver backup and restore features
  • Fix defective systems with ease
  • The perfect choice for Windows 10 – it finds all drivers
  • Finds and updates missing or outdated drivers
  • Greatly facilitates the transition to Windows 10
  • Fixes WLAN, sound and printer issues
  • For a faster, more stable system
  • Fully optimized system usage
  • Installs all required drivers with a single click
  • Reduces the risk of system crashes and freezes
  • Printer driver
  • USB driver
  • USB hard drives
  • Network controllers driver
  • Hard disk drive driver
  • RAID controller driver
  • Monitor driver
  • Webcam driver
  • Sound card driver
  • Drivers for CD, DVD and Blu-ray drives
  • TV cards driver
  • Keyboard driver
  • Motherboard / Mainboard driver
  • Mouse driver
  • SCSI driver
  • Bluetooth dongle driver
  • Cell phone driver
  • WLAN driver
  • Camera driver
  • Scanner driver

How to update your Windows 10 drivers

(Device) Drivers handle all communication between software and hardware. Modifications to the operating system, e.g. through Windows updates, can cause hardware to a malfunction or no longer function at all. This has a negative impact on overall system performance.

Making sure your drivers are current requires software that compares your installed drivers against a database and provides updates for outdated drivers. It does exactly that and always keeps your drivers up to date. Read on to learn how.

1. System scan

Once launched, Driver Updater will analyze your entire system for outdated drivers and provide an overview along with available updates.

2. Backup existing drivers / Create system restore point

You need to back up your existing drivers before they’re updated. For that, click “BACKUP” (1) and select all affected drivers (2). Then, click “Start backup” (3).

An even safer way is to create a system restore point which includes all drivers and system settings.

3. New drivers

Click “OVERVIEW” (1) to return to the results of the analysis. Use the checkboxes to exclude individual drivers from the update process, if needed (2). Click “Update all” to begin the update process.

In case your still in the trial phase, you’ll be notified that a license is required to perform the updates along with the option to buy the program (1). If you already have a license key, you can enter it here (2).

4. Installation notes

For the driver installations to succeed, you may have to temporarily disable your security and firewall software. During the process, you may also experience occasional screen flickering, the program crashes or network disconnects should the corresponding drivers need to be updated so it might be best to save any open documents and close all other running applications. Click “Okay, I understand” to proceed.

5. Restart your PC

Once the update process is complete, you’ll see a summary along with a prompt to either restart your PC immediately or wait 60 seconds for the restart to occur automatically.

System Requirements

Memory 2 GB RAM
Processor 2 GB Processor.
Operating System Windows 7/8/10
Storage Space 280 MB Free Hard Space.

Technical Specification

Software Name Ashampoo Driver UpdaterLatest Version 1.3.0
File Size 10.4 MB
Language English
Software Type Free Trial
Author Ashampoo


Ashampoo Driver Updater is one of the applications that enables you to find and instantly update old drivers by using only one click, Comfortable with driver backup and restores .it also used to reduce the risk of system crashes and freezes.

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