Colibri Browser For Mac 1.22.0

August 14, 2021 - OPQR (Free)
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Colibri Best Browser for Mac is designed to be fast, efficient, and uncluttered. Its interface is uniquely light and compact. It helps you browse the internet faster and view more content without endless tabs. Links are designed to replace tabs, bookmarks, and history. You can add any web page to the Links for future reference with a single click. Links are persistent and stored securely on the server. A Unique Simplest Web-Browser Without Tabs for macOS!

Lists are designed for grouping and organizing the items in your Links. It is especially useful when your Links collection grows larger and you want to create smaller groups based on the topic. Feeds is a new addition to the best browser for macOS that lets you subscribe to web feeds. It will automatically fetch the latest entries so you won’t miss any updates from your favorite websites.

The import tool is one of the popular requests that it has received since the initial release of the software. A month ago, I added the “Import Bookmarks” feature to Colibri beta. You can find it on the menu (File > Import Bookmarks). The import tool takes the standard export format in HTML. In most web browsers or online services, you can export your existing bookmarks to such a format.

The tool will first analyze the file and then it will let you know how many bookmarks and folders it can identify. Click “Start Import” to start the importing process. All identified bookmarks will be added to Links and all identified folders will be added to Lists.

Colibri Browser For Mac

System Requirements

Processor 64 Bit Processor

Technical Specification

Software Name Colibri For Mac V 1.22
File Size 79.7 MB
Languages English
License Free
Developer OPQR

Colibri Best Browser For Mac Features

Use a keyboard shortcut to access the address bar: If you want to search the Links or enter a new address, you can quickly jump to the address bar by using the “Open Location” keyboard shortcut Command-L for macOS.

The open website directly with its name: In most other browsers, entering plain keywords will open the search results page for those keywords. On the program, the address bar works differently. It automatically opens the first item of the search results. For example, if you enter youtube in the address bar, the tool will directly open the YouTube website. This helps you open any popular websites quickly and predictably. If you instead prefer to view the search results page you can use the “Web Search” keyboard shortcut Command-E for macOS.

Use special keywords in the address bar: The address bar can also handle special keywords such as DuckDuckGo’s bangs. This helps you to search on thousands of sites directly. For example, if you enter pizza, the app will directly open the YouTube search results page for the search term pizza. This works for many categories of websites, such as entertainment, multimedia, news, research, shopping, translation.

Pros And Cons

Pros  Cons
Streamlined design and interface Without tabs, it is not designed for how most people use the internet
Smooth operation and excellent stability Like other browsers like Chrome Opera and Vivaldi but without the tab bar


Colibri brings to the table a simple solution for navigating websites without wasting space for bars and buttons that you don’t use constantly. The fact that you don’t get to use tabs further reduces the clutter. It comes with support for browsing in Private mode, but make sure to also check the service’s Privacy Policy.