Imo Messenger For Mac 1.2.1

April 13, 2021 - IMO Team (Free)
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Download Imo for PC Windows is a free texting and messaging app that is fast, dependable, and strong. It supports video calls as well as fast message sending and receiving. Download for free and talk with your friends and family indefinitely. Supports the exchange of images, videos, and messages from a laptop or PC while making typing very simple. The perfect choice for any of the major chat applications such as WhatsApp, Skype, and Viber.

Imo Messenger for macOS is a desktop version of messaging application that enables you to exchange messages from your desktop or laptop computer. That makes typing much easier and convenient than on a cellphone. The user interface of the Imo for Sierra application is very clean and easy to use but it is also very basic, compared to the cell phone app. There is no support for emoticons, font size or color can’t be changed and many similar settings that you can find in similar applications are simply not available. The application can be set to start after booting your computer and you can disable sound and popup notifications. Audio and Video quality is good and works just fine as well as group chats or sending images, videos, or exchanging data files with your friends.

With the internet, everyone has the ability to connect to friends, family, and co-workers instantly, and talk with them no matter where you are or what device you are using, but an increasing amount of popular chat protocols can lead you to the situation that your contacts are dispersed over several chat programs and web services, making maintaining a connection to them a cumbersome and demanding job. To alleviate that problem and make your chat messaging as easy as possible you need to consider using the app, a very good multi-protocol chat messenger that is currently accessible via its very useful web interface and as a standalone iPhone, iPad, and Android app.

Established in 2007, this website from Palo Alto, California managed to increase its popularity with each passing year, always offering the latest advances in technology and user interface that enable users to easily access not only text chat tools but also audio and video chat. With the goal to enable all of its userbases to easier meet people by broadcasting themselves, the app continues to attract more people.

IMO Messenger DownloadOverview
The basic function of Imo is not that different from many other multi-protocol chat services, although here you will most definitely feel that its user interface and ease of use is one notch better than you can find elsewhere. After creating a free account, you will instantly be able to access all of its features. All that you need is a modern internet browser (any will do), and a microphone/web camera if you want to communicate using sound and video. Currently supported chat services are Google Talk, Facebook Chat, Skype, ICQ, Jabber, AIM, MySpace, Yahoo, Messenger, VKontakte, Hyves, and more.

The functionality of the web version is also present in iOS and Android apps, with the ability to have multiple chats in the same time, access to all chat networks, and more. As with all other popular chat programs, Imo for Mojave fully supports real-time syncing between devices, enabling you to effortlessly switch from web interface to mobile device, never losing anything. For maximum interaction with friends, you can also install a Chrome extension that will send you instant notifications of new messages no matter if you are logged on the Imo website or not.

Sadly, Imo does not feature plugins that can enable it to directly access your email inbox of famous online mail providers, and you cannot use it to get Facebook and Twitter real-time updates, making it a little less desirable if you want to truly make it a center of your daily communication with the world.

The interface of the tool latest is very modern, fast, and clutter-free, enabling everyone to instantly start connecting their newly created account to the wide variety of available chat networks and managing your contact list that can easily grow to the 200+ range.  All the tools for managing your contacts and current chats are always close, with a great focus on functionality that will be appreciated by both novices and professionals. The interface of Imo also scales down to displays, enabling easy control of iOS and Android apps, and making your transition between devices effortless and fast.

Registration and cost is a free service that encourages everyone to create a new account. You can do that in few seconds, either by providing a valid email address, account username, and password or by using your Facebook and Google credentials.

System Requirements

Operating System Mac OS
Required Network Internet Connection
Required Device Microphone for voice calls

Technical Specification

Software Name IMO Messenger For Mac V 1.2.1
File Size 10.83 MB
Languages English, German, Spanish, Polish, Russian
License Free
Developer Imo Team

Imo Messaging App

Imo Messenger For Mac Free Messaging App Features

Easy to Use

It runs more flexibly and smoothly with a central panel along with icons. It supports all major wireless services like 2G, 3G, and 4G. It offers robust bandwidth which makes sure the delay of time-related to data transmission rats. A simple interface without any emoticons, colors, and fonts.

Security System

With a multifaceted security system, using firewalls and encryption algorithms. Imo is the most appreciated app by businesses as well as individuals alike. So you can select your favorite stickers from a great variety for adding a personal touch to your photos. Which you want to share with friends and family.

Work Fast

A clear voice for video calling, useless data, gives very fast connection, and simple navigation is the feature. That makes Imo a powerful competitor to the very giant of social media like Messenger, Facebook, and Whatsapp. It also claims of using three times fewer data than any other chatting app.

Support multiple Languages

The app presents a pack of 30 languages to its users. A friendly and smooth interface gives a pleasant experience of free  talking and messaging app. Here you can also use the message translator for translating the message of any other language.

Use of Stickers

Chat with your friends and family without any restrictions on what device they are using. Use a great variety of stickers and emojis for expressing your feelings. The app like other messaging apps is giving every facility of communication to its users without consuming much data.

Registration & Charges

Imo is free services and invites everyone for creating an account on Imo. The installation or creating an account is very simple and fast. Give a valid email address, username, and password. You can use your Facebook and Google ID also.

Fast Sharing even on Slow Data

Share your pics and videos online with your friends and family very fast. The app works very fast even on the 2G connection.

Other Features of IMO Messenger of Free Messaging App

  • Send instant messages with a tap of a button saves you money compared with sending regular SMS messages.
  • Make high-quality video and voice calls
  • Group chats with friends, family, roommates, and others.
  • You can send Images, Video and all other types of files for free.
  • Works on 2G internet but in order to have a video call, 3G/4G or WiFi is recommended.
  • Imo Messenger for Sierra encrypts your Messages and calls protecting your privacy.
  • Tons of emoticons help you express your mood of feelings.
  • Express yourself with hundreds of free stickers!

The app is one of the better multi-protocol chat clients that we had the pleasure to test, managing to be very accessible and convenient for all people that like to chat on both Mac and portable devices.