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August 11, 2020 - JetPhotosoft (Free)
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JetPhoto Studio for Mac is a feature-rich digital photo organizing, creating, and web publishing software. You could create your photo albums in JetPhoto Studio, and organize photos by notes, keywords, time, and location. The calendar view and map view enables you to browse and manage your photos in a new way with fun.

An app is an easy-to-use tool, with just a few clicks, the software can turn your digital photos into beautiful Flash galleries with a professional look, or makes your fantastic web galleries quickly and easily.

JetPhoto Studio Software For PCJetPhoto Studio for macOS is also an efficient photo Web publisher that makes sharing your photo albums on the internet. You could just prepare your photo albums on your Mac first and use WebSync to upload the album onto your photo website with simple clicks. A web-side PHP-based software the app Server is provided to make your own standalone photo website. With both desktop and server software, the tool is a complete web publishing solution.

Once you initialize the application with the user-friendly interface, you can create a new album, import from camera, browse and open albums, or manage GPS logs. So, after you give a name to your new album, you can import pictures by using the file browser or “drag and drop” method.

Furthermore, you can arrange images in the album by capture time or file name (ascending or descending), as well as rotate and crop them. In addition, you can adjust an image’s brightness, contrast, and color balance, apply filters (black and white, sepia), and automatically correct exposure.

JetPhoto Studio To Create New Album

JetPhoto Studio For Mac Features

  • Creating Flash and Web Galleries: With just a few clicks, the tool can turn your digital photos into a Flash gallery or a web gallery quickly and easily. Professional-looking templates are predesigned for your fantastic galleries.
  • Publishing Web Albums: With WebSync, once the photo album is prepared in Jet Photo Studio for Mac, only One-Click is needed to upload the album to your photo website using the app Server.
  • GPS and Geotagging: Users can review photos on a map showing the locations where each shot was taken. The app matches digital photos with time-synchronized GPS tracks to locate photos automatically.
  • Automatic Locating with GPS: You only need to have a GPS logger with which can locate photos taken by any digital camera models. JetPhoto Studio will automatically find photo locations with matching time-synchronized GPS tracks recorded by the GPS device. (See the introductions below for the details.)
  • Album is the folder: JetPhoto Studio saves photos in albums. Actually, each album package is a folder that contains digital photo files and the necessary metadata file. So you can move, copy, duplicate or backup album packages like other common folders with ease. Album folders can also be exchanged between Windows PCs and Macs. JetPhoto Studio provides versions for both operating systems.
  • Import photos and more: JetPhoto Studio can download photos directly from a connected camera or receive files by drag-and-drop. Besides JPEG photo files, JetPhoto Studio version 5 also enables to import and manage video, raw, panorama and stereo files captured by your digital camera as well:
  • Organize photos: JetPhoto Studio provides a series of functionalities to organize photos (or videos) by EXIF metadata, notes, keywords, time, and geodata. You could set descriptions or keywords for your photos. When you need search photos, just type the keyword, the thumbnails of the matched photos will be “spotlighted”.
  • Manual Locating: You can note the photo location directly on the map as the place where a photo was taken.
  • View photos: When displays the photo in full view, you can drag the mouse to apply a “magnifier” to observe the actual pixels of the photo details.
  • Edit photos: Needn’t to have a Photoshop, JetPhoto Studio is also integrated with some built-in easy-to-use image editing tools, such as intelligent enhancing, rotating, cropping, color balance, brightness, contrast adjusting, B&W or sepia effects.
  • Photo Calendar: For most people, the easiest and most efficient way to organize photos is based on the date and time the photos were taken. Actually, the digital cameras always saves a timestamp for each photo when taking the shot. Therefore, you can keep your journal by taking photos and keep your multimedia diary in JetPhoto Studio.
  • Photo Map: Every photo or video managed by JetPhoto can have a latitude-longitude coordinate value to specify the locations they were taken. JetPhoto Studio enables users to review and browse photos with an enclosed map on which to show photos’ locations. Drag the mouse on the map, you can select a rectangle to quickly pick out photos taken in the specified area.

Which city, which street, which corner. Where did I take this photo:

  • JetPhoto Studio gives you an amazing new way to organize your photos with a digital map built into the program that can show the locations where all photos were taken.
  • The procedure to locate photos is commonly known as ‘Geotagging’. Presently, with JetPhoto Studio, we have three geotagging methods to locate your photos:

Using GPS Camera:

  • JetPhoto Studio can directly read the location information saved in any digital photos taken by GPS-enabled cameras, such as Ricoh 500SE, Nikon D200 with GP-1, iPhone 4, etc.
  • Geotagging with a common camera and a GPS logger
  • It is integrated with GPS technology and can locate and link digital photos on a geographical map in a very easy way. This is an exciting advancement for anyone who likes to travel – and takes pictures! You only need a GPS logger turned on to record tracks during your travels. No need for the wire connection between your camera and your GPS logger. No need to add any GPS waypoints manually. JetPhoto Studio uses a convenient program to match digital photo timestamps with the time-synchronized GPS tracklogs. The longitude and latitude location information will be found automatically for all photos.
  • Present photos on Google Earth and Google Maps: Now launch ‘Google Earth’ which displays the locations of all these GPS-located photos or package both the photo files and GPS tracks into one KMZ file that can be shared easily and opened with Google Earth anytime later!
  • Turn photos into a Flash movie: You can present your photos in a slide show and save it as a single SWF file that can be shared easily and opened in any Flash-enabled web browser or media player.
  • Make Flash and web galleries: Make an interactive gallery and share it on the Internet. With only a few clicks, JetPhoto Studio can turn your digital photos or videos into a professional-looking Flash gallery or a fantastic web gallery with Lightbox or Cover Flow effects. If your photos or videos are geotagged, then you can also make a Google Map web gallery.
  • Works with Flickr: Flickr is a popular web photo sharing service. It is an easy-to-use software, helping Flickr users organize photos on their home computer.

Works with JetPhoto Server:

  • JetPhoto Server is a full-featured digital photo publishing service software based on PHP. With JetPhoto Server, you can set up your very own themed photo website very easily and quickly.
  • WebSync When the photo album is prepared, you can use ‘WebSync’ to publish the album to your JetPhoto Server website. All your uploaded pictures will be automatically resized and stamped with watermarks while the album is being published. Once the album is published on the webserver, you can still modify the album easily using JetPhoto Studio. The online web album will be updated and synchronized with the local album on your home computer automatically, as long as WebSync is used again. The only thing you need is to One-Click!
  • And, to manage your JetPhoto Server website is also flexible. You can set web page templates for your online album appearances, or set a password for the website access.

Simple movie editing:

  • JetPhoto Studio is a swiss-army-knife application for your digital photos. Not only that, but this software version 5 also provides many easy-to-use features for videos. Digital cameras capture video clips as well as still images. Each shot is for a scene recorded to a separate AVI, MP4, or MOV video file in the camera.
  • It is a simple movie editor as well as an organizer for your video clips. In JetPhoto Studio, an album can be regarded as a playlist for your video files. You can fast trim video clips and reorder them in the playlist as you need, then all clips will be connected into a final movie after making cuts.

Web video encoding and publishing:

  • Now, it’s time to produce and publish your final movie. With a simple click, JetPhoto Studio can merge clips into a single video track and encode it as a H.264 file that is ready for publishing to a web player works in both Flash-enabled web browsers and iPad/iPhone mobiles.
  • The encoded videos can be also played in Flash, Lightbox, CoverFlow, and Google Map web galleries. Actually, users needn’t know more details about the video encoding and page integrating, It automatically finished all to add video content into the generated gallery.

You can use the undo and redo functions, batch rename files, copy file names to photo notes, auto-rotate with EXIF information, as well as create a slideshow, Flash gallery, wallpaper, screensaver, and others. Plus, you can upload your album to Flickr, batch resizes photos and adds watermarks, locate images on maps or with GPS, merge GPS metadata into JPEG or RAW files, link photos to Google Earth, and more.

The program runs on a low-to-moderate amount of system resources, can guide you to an online user guide and didn’t display any errors during our tests. Also, its response time is very good. If we had to mention a negative aspect it would be the fact that It doesn’t provide the user with enough filters to apply to images (e.g., posterized, emboss, invert). JetPhoto Studio is a pretty good application for creating and publishing albums to various sources, and we strongly recommend it to all users.

Pros And Cons of JetPhoto Studio

Pros  Cons
Browse photos in calendar view No auto import
Make Flash movies, screensavers, slide-shows Can’t customize Flash movies
Locate photos with GPS Send the image to mobile not available everywhere
Easily rate and tag photos

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 7/8/10
Processor Intel PIII 800MHz CPU or higher
Memory 256 MB RAM
Storage Space 50 MB Free Hard Disk Space
Display Color Supports 24-bit or 32-bit colors display

Technical Specification

Software Name JetPhoto Studio Software For Windows V 5.6
File Size 28.46 MB
Languages English
License Free
Developer JetPhotosoft

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