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January 28, 2020 - LastPass Corp (Free)

LastPass for Mac is the last password you will ever need. It allows you to: Create strong passwords, knowing you only have to remember one. The tool has addons for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari (for Mac), Google Chrome, and works with other browsers with Bookmarklets (e.g. Opera). The app uses Host Proof Hosting techniques to synchronize your passwords all while the app never has access to your sensitive data. LastPass for Mac offers a premium upgrade as well for mobile access on iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Google Android, Palm webOS, and Symbian phones.

LastPass for Applications is a desktop utility that brings to the desktop the functionality of LastPass, the well-known password manager. It gives you the possibility to organize the account credentials of your programs in a secure place, along with notes and favorite websites.


During the installation procedure, you can specify the web browsers to integrate it in. Keep it mind the plugin automatically replaces existing password manager plugins for some of these platforms.

LastPass requires account registration, and you can opt for keeping a history of logins and form fills. The tool is also capable of importing insecure data items (automatically or manually).

LastPass For Mac Software Benefits

  • Save as You Go: Download and setup with the app in minutes. Once you’ve created your account, the tool prompts you to save new sites as you browse – so you’ll never lose another password.
  • Hassle-Free Login: After saving a website’s username and password, the program will autofill the login when you return to that site. No thought, no typing, no work required – the app does it for you.
  • Centralize Your Data: See all your accounts and passwords in one easy-to-use “vault”, where you can edit, delete, and organize your stored data. LastPass syncs automatically, so you’re up-to-date, wherever you are.
  • Streamline Online Shopping: Set up a Profile for each credit card, family member, billing and shipping address. When you’re registering for an account, or ready to complete a payment, select the Profile you want, and complete the form in a single click.
  • Take it On The Road: Need to check that bank statement before you board your flight? Upgrade to Last Pass Premium for unlimited use of mobile apps for complete peace of mind, wherever you are.

vault Details

How do you use LastPass on Android?

Once you have logged in to LastPass for Android, you can enable Autofill in your Settings, then use it to fill your login credentials for various apps and/or Sites within Chrome. Select the Vault Options icon in the upper left navigation. Toggle the “Autofill login credentials” setting to On (enabled).

Is LastPass Password Manager for Android?

We’re excited to announce that new users can get started with LastPass for free, on any device, including mobile devices! You can then upgrade to LastPass Premium to enjoy unlimited sync across all your devices.

Now, if you get started with LastPass on your Android, iPhone, or Windows Phone, you’ll have completely free access from your smartphone, and can even sync across smartphones for free. The same is true for tablets if that’s where you get started.

LastPass For Android

Does Android have a password manager?

When you use all the major Android password managers back to back, one thing becomes immediately clear: LastPass is in a league of its own. The app is intuitive and easy to use, and — critically — it works consistently well across the entire Android experience.

At its core, LastPass makes it super-simple to store sign-in info for apps and websites and then to automatically fill in your credentials whenever you’re prompted. LastPass intelligently utilizes Android’s autofill function in combination with the operating system’s accessibility feature to provide quick and reliable responses wherever a sign-in prompt appears. Download LastPass App For Android.

Password Management

LastPass For Mac Software Features

  • Unlimited browser sync for Mac, Windows, Linux & Web
  • Automated filling of logins & forms
  • Secure Notes for digital recordkeeping
  • Share credentials with friends & colleagues
  • Password generator
  • Multifactor authentication & One Time Passwords
  • Audit passwords with Security Challenge
  • Command-line interface

Different types of LastPass for Mac

Here’s how the new model works:

LastPass Free

Enjoy LastPass for free on unlimited desktops OR unlimited smartphones OR unlimited tablets – wherever you get started. The same awesome password manager features are available to help you manage your logins and apps, organize your digital life, and improve your security online.

LastPass Premium: $12 / year

LastPass Premium is built around convenience and always having your passwords with you, on the go. To get the most out of your password manager, go Premium for unlimited sync across all devices. With Premium, you have access to a Shared Folder to conveniently share passwords with others. Also, add another layer of protection with Premium multifactor options, and get priority customer support.

LastPass Enterprise: $24 / year / user

LastPass Enterprise solves the password and Access Management problem for teams big and small. We offer a centralized, cost-effective and secure platform combining robust password vaulting tools and cloud Single Sign-On. With a unified Admin Console, AD integration, automated provisioning, and Shared Folder with customized permissions, LastPass Enterprise has all the tools your team needs to manage employee access and enforce a meaningful password security policy.

LastPass For Mac Software System Requirements

Operating System MacOs  X or Higher Version

Technical Specification

Software Name LastPass For MacOS V 4.40.1
File Size 26.6 MB
Language English
License Free
Developer LastPass Corp

The program does not burden the web browser loading speed or cause any stability issues. It smoothly integrates into the online platform and has an excellent reaction speed. No error dialogs were shown in our tests, and the app did not hang or crash. All in all, LastPass is an excellent browser plugin for securely managing accounts, catering to all types of users.

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