PCSX2 Playstation 2 Emulator For Mac 0.9.7

June 19, 2021 - PCSX2 Team (Free)
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PCSX2 is a Playstation 2 emulator for Mac that has been going for over 10 years. The compatibility rates boast over 80% of all PS2 games as playable and provide an enjoyable experience for reasonably powerful computers, but provides support for lower-end computers for those curious to see their Playstation 2 games working on their Mac! The emulator provides means of using controllers to simulate the Playstation experience and gives you the ability to either run the games straight from the disc or as an ISO image from your hard drive.

PCSX2 Playstation Emulator

System Requirements

Minimum Requirements
Operating System Mac OS 10.10 and higher
Memory 4 GB RAM.
Graphics Card DirectX 10 or OpenGL 3.x supported GPU and 2 GB VRAM.
Recommended Requirements
Operating System Mac OS 10.13 and higher
Memory 8 GB RAM.
Graphics Card DirectX 11 or OpenGL 4.5 supported GPU and 4 GB VRAM.

Technical Specification

Version Name 0.9.7
File Size 11.3 MB
Language English
License Open Source
Developer PCSX2 Team

PCSX2 Playstation 2 Emulator For Mac

PCSX2 PlayStation 2 Emulator For Mac

  • Recompilers for Emotion Engine (EE), Vector Unit 0 (VU0), and Vector Unit 1 (VU1). They are used to translate some parts of the original PS2 machine code into x86 machine code, speeding up emulation. Due to the fact that PS2 machine code is an entirely different language from x86 machine code, these recompilers are probably the most complicated parts in PCSX2.
  • Dual-core support allows PCSX2 to use up to 2 CPU cores speeding up the emulator significantly.
  • Proper SPU2 emulation helps reproduce PS2 audio or even enhanced audio on the PC which is not a trivial task considering the lack of documentation and the fact that it has to synchronize with many other emulated processors.
  • Full gamepad support makes it possible to emulate every Dual Shock 2 feature.
  • Patch system to create cheats easily. It can also be used to skip code where emulation is still broken (which ultimately can make the game playable). This feature is quite user-friendly and easy to use.
  • Additional optimizations (hacks) to speed up emulation. You will be able to play certain games on lower-end machines thanks to this feature.
  • Fully working IPU support responsible for FMV – video cutscenes should mostly run correctly.

Other notable features are as follows: Savestates – You can press one button to save the current “State” of your game so if you need to turn it off, you can jump right back to where you were without waiting for the game to load! Unlimited Memory Cards – You can save as many memory cards as you like, you are no longer limited to the single physical cards as you would be on the real machine. What’s even better, you can have anything from 8mb to 64mb cards! Higher Definition Graphics – With PCSX2 for macOS you have the ability to play your games in 1080p, or even 4K HD if you want to!


There are a few quirks related to the setup of this version, you should be aware of these in advance so that you get things working without trouble.