Samsung SideSync Software For PC

March 20, 2021 - Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (Free)
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A Samsung SideSync is a file-sharing app that used to share screens and data between your PC and mobile device. Receive alarms of your phone through PC and use various features of your phone on the computer. Enjoy a smarter and more convenient life with SideSync. Stronger Solution to Connect your Windows PC & Samsung Mobile Device!

This is a handy piece of software that allows you to mirror your Samsung Galaxy tablet or smartphone screens on a computer and access applications or manage your files using your mouse and keyboard.

After installing the software you need to establish a connection between your mobile device and your computer, so make sure that you have the application installed on your smartphone and tablet as well. The app supports USB and WiFi connections, the difference being that the first one allows you to connect automatically without further verification.

Samsung SideSync

Once you establish the connection, you can access and use your application as you would normally do on your mobile device. Moreover, as long as the tool is active, you are going to receive notifications whenever you receive a phone call and exchange text messages. The only difference is that you can manage everything more conveniently via your mouse and keyboard.

In addition to managing files and applications smoother, you can also share texts and files between your PC and your Samsung device. You can select the files that you want to transfer by holding them for a couple of seconds and then dragging them to your computer desktop. In case you want to transfer several files at the same time, then you can select them all by repeating the hold operation.

System Requirements

OS Windows XP SP3 or higher(32/64bit supported)
Processor Intel® Pentium 1.8GHz processor or higher (Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz higher recommended)
Memory 1GB (recommended)
Storage Space At least 500MB (recommended)
Screen Resolution 1024 X 768 (600), 32 bit or above
Required Software 1. Windows Media Player 11 or above

  • Windows XP: Windows Media Player 11 or above
  • Windows 7, 8 OS(N or KN): Windows Media Feature Pack
  • “Media Feature Pack” is available from the Microsoft homepage(

2. DirectX 9.0C or above

  • Applicable for Window XP OS only.
SUPPORT SOFTWARE Microsoft Office 2007 or above

Technical Specification

Software Name Samsung SideSync For Windows V
File Size 46.9 MB
Languages English
License Free
Developer Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

samsung SideSync File Sharing App Download

Samsung SideSync File Sharing App Features

  • Smart & Convenient Connection: Install SideSync onto a PC & mobile device, and then connect two devices through a USB data cable or Wi-Fi. Simply connecting the PC & mobile, you can conveniently use various features of SideSync. For a PC or MAC, click the download button above to install. For a mobile device, you can download the app from Google Play™ or Samsung GALAXY Apps which is preloaded on your latest Galaxy device.
  • Make Phone Calls and Send Text Messages: If your PC and mobile device are connected with SideSync, you can check alarms for receiving phone calls and directly connect to the app on your PC. Through the pop-up window, you can easily receive phone calls or simply exchange text messages.
  • Share Files between your PC & Mobile Device: SideSync enables you to quickly share files and texts between your PC and mobile device simply with drag & drop. You can insert photos from your mobile device into Word documents on your PC. Also, you can insert a file on your PC to your mobile device while you are sending text messages or emails.

Video Tutorial For Samsung SideSync

Conclusion of File Sharing App

The Samsung SideSync App is the best file sharing app that mainly used for share your device screen to PC and access phone on computer.