Umate Mac Cleaner Tool For Mac 3.1.2

June 5, 2021 - iMyfone Technology (Free)
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Umate Mac Cleaner Tool automatically finds and removes any unwanted files that may be erased at any time from your Mac with a single click. This software has a deeper cleaning option for your Mac in addition to the fast clean functionality.

The software application is knowing what is taking up space on your iPhone and readily recognizes files that are taking up space throughout the scanning process. The application will intelligently discover and list junk files based on the version of iOS on your smartphone, the device kind, and your usual usage habits. The utility also assists in the removal of unused apps and the deletion of huge video files that you may no longer require. A backup of the erased films and photos is maintained on your computer in case you need to restore them in the future.

Note: Users are advised to pay attention while installing this software!

It deeply scans your Mac and locates specific types of junk files. You can delete them selectively to release more disk space. Give your Mac a full cleanup with deep cleaning!

  • Clean up junk files selectively and safely
  • Locate & delete large files that are over 50MB
  • Remove duplicate files to reclaim wasted space
  • Speed up your Mac like new with one click
  • Erase personal data to prevent privacy leaks
  • Manage unused apps and extensions with ease

Umate Mac Cleaner Tool Download For Mac OS

This feature allows you to locate all the files that over 50MB and delete them in a flash to get more available space for your Mac. Large files are one of the biggest reasons for low disk space on the Mac. You just fill those big files up and forget to empty them. And Umate Mac Cleaner Tool will help you to locate and remove all the target files that are over 50MB, including images, documents, audios, videos, archives, and others.

Your Mac’s hard drive will accumulate a large number of duplicate files over time. Deleting them one by one can be time-consuming, and iMyFone Umate Mac Cleaner can make things easier. It allows you to select a file directory on your Mac to find and delete those duplicates accordingly.

System Requirements

Operating System Mac OS X 10.9 and higher version
Processor 1 GHz Processor
Memory 1 GB RAM

Technical Specification

Version Name 3.1.2
File Size 26.4 MB
Language English
License Free Trial
Developer iMyfone Technology

Umate Mac Cleaner Software For Mac

Umate Mac Cleaner Tool For Mac Features

  • Online Traces: A web browser keeps a record of every page you visit in past browsing sessions. And Wi-Fi connection history, especially unsecured Wi-Fi networks, is also saved locally on your Mac.
  • Usage Traces: Some usage traces on your Mac, including recently accessed applications, documents, and server aliases listed in “Recent Items” on the Mac’s Apple menu, are also part of your private stuff.
  • Chat Data: The chat data like images, gifs, videos, text files, zips, etc from iMessage are locally stored on the Mac, which may involve your privacy of conversations.
  • Mail Attachments: Umate Mac Cleaner removes local copies and downloaded files of mail attachments from your Mac, but it will not delete the items that have been modified.
  • Disable Login Items: Disabling login items that launch every time when you turn on the Mac can effectively increase your Mac’s running speed.
  • Deactivate Heavy Consumers: Some programs consume CPU on your Mac heavily and you can deactivate all of them at once with this app.
  • Remove Launch Agents: Those tiny helper applications grab your Mac memory and slow down the device. Why not just remove them?
  • Release RAM: Free up more RAM on your Mac and create more available disk space for storing more important files.
  • Photo Junk: The “Photos” app from your Mac automatically creates a photo cache and face cache in the photo library whenever you add a new picture. This feature can clean up all the cache files left over by “Photos” without removing any actual photos.
  • Uninstall Applications: Uninstalling memory-hogging applications is definitely a quick way to release more space on the Mac. Umate Mac Cleaner allows you to remove unwanted applications along with their associated files.
  • Remove Extensions: The browser extensions you rarely use may slow down your web browser. Getting rid of those undesired extensions can efficiently speed up your browsing and make your Mac run smoothly.

Umate Mac Cleaner Download

Other Features of Umate Mac Cleaner Software

  • Removes junk files safely: Deletes iTunes junk, system junk, trash bin, downloads, iOS junk, unused disk images, and app junk to recover space on Mac.
  • Searches and deletes large files over 50 MB: Locate all files that are over 50 MB and delete them to retrieve space.
  • Deletes duplicate files to recover space: Scan and remove duplicate files to declutter and enhance your Mac’s performance.
  • Manage extensions and unwanted apps: Removes unwanted apps and associated files with it and manages extensions to speed up Mac.
  • Removes personal data to prevent privacy leaks: Erases personal data and usage traces to keep your Mac secure

Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
This software makes your device run smoothly Temporary file cleanups can take some time
Backs up your pictures and videos Customization options missing


Why iMyFone Umate can compress your photos?

This software will apply the almost lossless compression technique – JPEG to compress the photos and reclaim more space on your iOS Devices.”JPEG” is the so-called Joint Photographic Expert Group – the first international standard
of image compression. JPEG image compression algorithm does not merely provide good compression performance,
but at the same time, has a better reconstruction quality, thus, it makes the lossless compression available.

How Can I Find The Photo Backup?

After Compression, you can back to the Compression interface of iMyFone Umate, in the bottom left corner,
click “Open Backup Folder”, you can find all your original photos.

What to do connected device is not recognized by iMyFone Umate?

  1. Make sure your iOS is supported. iMyFone Umate can support iOS 7.0 and later.
  2. Reconnect your device or use another workable USB cable (the original USB cable is the best if
    available to use); then close and restart iMyFone Umate.
  3. Ensure that the latest version of iTunes is installed successfully and it can detect the device. If
    not, you can go to the link to download and reinstall it.


Umate Mac Cleaner is a lightweight tool that easily cleans and speeds up your Apple mobile device – iPhone, iPod, and iPad. The software program knows what is eating into your iPhone storage and easily detects documents hogging space during the scanning process.