Victoria SSD Benchmark Software 5.22

December 31, 2019 - Victoria Utility (Free)
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Victoria SSD is a free, yet experimental hard drive tool which can be used to monitor the performance of your hard drive.

If you don’t like to save and store files on USB flash drives, CDs, DVDs, external hard drives, or any other external storage device, then you’ll have no choice but to store your files on internal hard drives. If you do this, you need to ensure the security of your documents so that they don’t get lost.

Victoria SSD/HDD Utility is a third-party piece of software that tracks the performance stats of your hard disk drive. This can help ensure that you don’t end up with lost files on your hard drive.

Hard Drive Status Tracking

This utility keeps track of your hard disk drive’s performance. It gives you access to different pieces of information about your hard drive to help you determine its performance. Tests can be conducted to look for small issues with the hard drive. If they’re found, then the application might be able to repair them.

The Victoria SSD can analyze other details about the hard disk drive, including the disk size, model number, total storage size, and features. Advanced details it provides include S.M.A.R.T. attributes, raw read error rate, seek error rate, spin-up time quantity, power-on time, and start & stop the count.

Conduct Scans

Victoria SSD can conduct surface scans on your hard disk drive to locate possible issues. The performance index is what determines how each scannable sector is marked. The application can remap, restore, ignore, or erase data in certain sectors that have errors detected in them. This allows for many different possibilities regarding the solution to fix them.

Configuration Menu

If you have some tech knowledge, then you can go into the settings of the application and make adjustments to them. Go to the main window and choose the “Setup” tab to access these settings.

You need to be an advanced user to understand the settings about the interface and functionality of the application. Other settings that require advanced knowledge include timeout length, standard presets, and options for a passport. Some surface scanning settings require advanced knowledge too.

Victoria SSD Software Features

Testing the surface condition of any drives

A powerful HDD surface scanner is built into the program, which allows you to diagnose the drive for bad areas, floating defects, and interface errors. Victoria is able to test most drives at top speed, regardless of type. A feature of the scanner is the use of special algorithms for automatically setting timeouts and block size, which allows you to effectively check both slow and fast disks.

testing the surface condition

Fast surface testing. Any volume in 3 minutes

The graph is built on 188 points evenly distributed over the test volume of the drive. The result is visually and numerically identical to a full 4-hour scan, except for finding defects. It is used to study known-functioning drives in order to measure the main parameters: the speed at the beginning and end, access time, behavior at different block sizes, and also to compare different devices according to technical characteristics. Charts can be saved to files and loaded back into the program.

surface testing

USB external storage support

Received a passport and SMART parameters HDD and SSD via USB, which allows you to find out everything about the hard drives hidden in USB boxes. 90% of USB-SATA bridge models are supported, and this figure will increase.
Added cache management via USB, SMART tests via USB. Automatic Acoustic Management (AAM) also works on USB-drives: software controls the level of acoustic noise by changing the speed of movement of the heads.

Improved drive passport

HDD passport is information characterizing the HDD / SSD family and its individual features. It includes the name of the manufacturer, model name, serial number, microcode version, logical parameters (geometry), interface parameters, and much more. Victoria is able to show the passport of the drive hidden in the USB-case, and thus determine the type of drive installed inside it.

Improve Drive Passport

Enhanced SMART Monitor with USB HDD and SSD Support

Technology for monitoring and predicting failures (Self Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology, abbreviated SMART) is available as part of modern HDD and SSD drives. Victoria analyzes SMART data and displays the status of each attribute, which clearly shows how well the Winchester “feels” itself. The transition of the graph to the red zone indicates that the drive has exhausted its resources. In 2018, new attributes specific to SSDs were added to the program.

Enhanced Smart Monitor With USB HDD- Victoria SSD

View, analyze, read and write internal SMART logs HDD and SSD 

Victoria is able to access SMART magazines and display its contents in a convenient way. You can also get acquainted with the result of the built-in SMART tests, which can be run in the same program, and then see the result in the log.

internal smart logs hdd- Victoria SSD

Changing the factory configuration of HDD

The Victoria program is able to access DCO’s non-volatile memory, display its contents in a convenient form, edit as it sees fit, and then write it back to the drive.

Changing factory configuration of hdd- Victoria SSD

Drive mode through controller ports

In addition to working through the Windows API, the program has a PIO mode: accessing the tested IDE / SATA drive directly through ports, bypassing Windows and BIOS. At the same time, Victoria herself fully implements the physical protocol for working with equipment, which allows access to partially defective devices when the drivers are powerless.

Driver Mode Controller- Victoria SSD Software

Setting Passwords on USB Drives

All modern HDDs and SSDs support the so-called “security features,” among which is the ability to set passwords to protect access to data. However, placing the drive in a USB container usually makes these features unavailable to most devices. Victoria, working with a drive via a USB bridge, has much fewer restrictions compared to utilities from HDD manufacturers.

System Requirements Of Victoria SSD

Operating System Windows 2000 / XP / 8/10 x86, x64
Memory 1 GB or higher RAM.
Video Card Video card SVGA. Video mode from 1280 * 1024 is recommended.
Additional Information
  • Internet access is desirable.
  • To run the program, you need administrator rights.
  • On Windows x64 – the program works without PIO mode.

Technical Specification

Software Name Victoria SSD Download Software For Windows V 5.22
File Size 1.3 MB
Languages English
License Free
Developer Victoria Utility

Victoria is a handy tool with a simple and easy to use layout.  Novice and expert users should have no problem navigating and using the basic features of the application.

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