Vivaldi Web Browser For Mac Download 10.10

November 30, 2020 - Vivaldi Technologies (Free)
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Vivaldi Web Browser from the creators of Operathat is fast, but also a web browser that is rich in functionality, highly flexible, and puts the user first. A browser that is made for you. Finally, you can browse the internet your way.

Vivaldi web browser

A good browser, apps, good camera, and fast networking in your smartphone is just expected today. -Thorsten Heins

Vivaldi web browser adapts to you, not the other way around. Do you like the browser tabs placed at the bottom or on the side of the window? Maybe you prefer a different address bar location too? With the app, you’ll be able to customize all that plus much more, such as your keyboard shortcuts, mouse gestures, and so on. Download, Install, or Update Vivaldi for macOS!

System Requirements

Operating System Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OS X, Android, Linux

Technical Specification

Software Name Vivaldi Web Browser for Mac V 10.10
File Size 96.1 MB
Languages English
License Free Trial
Developer Vivaldi Technologies

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Are you a keyboard person? Then you’re in luck. Quick Commands lets you search through open tabs, bookmarks, history, settings, and more with one single keyboard shortcut. The tool aims to make the Quick Commands menu highly customizable, allowing you to create your own commands and run them instantly.

Too many unorganized tabs in your internet browser can quickly become a bit messy, making it hard to find the tab you are looking for. Organize your tabs using Tab stacks! They let you group multiple tabs under a single tab. Just drag a tab over to another for easy grouping.

Take notes and add screenshots of web pages while browsing right in the Notes panel. The notes can remember relevant web sites, store attachments such as screenshots, or allow you to add tags to easily organize and locate it later.

Vivaldi combines simplicity and fashion to create a basic, but highly customizable, interface that provides everything a hardcore internet user could need. That is why it is ideal for everyone. While you might be comfortable with your current browser we recommend trying this, it may surprise you.

Vivaldi Web Browser for Mac Features

Quick Commands

Vivaldi Browser Quick Commands option is reliable for keyboard users. It lets the users search quickly via different settings, history, open tabs, bookmarks, and much more. The option is customizable allowing you to create your own commands and run them quickly.


A handy Notes panel enables you to take notes to add screenshots while browsing. The notes automatically remember sites you are browsing and let you organize and finding sites through tagging them.

Speed Dials

Create various Speed dial groups, arrange your favorite sites like Sports, News, Tech. Entertainment in different backgrounds like Offices, schools, Homes, etc. A potent option to make it possible for you to add a folder as a Speed dials entry.

Tab Stacks

Tab Stacks take out you from bothering of finding tab from the collection of unorganized messy tabs. Use Tab Stacks and organize tabs. You can also group several tabs under a single tab while dragging tabs to another for easy grouping.

Built on Web Technology

Use of built-in technologies by Vivaldi download like JavaScript. React for creating the user interface, Node.js, Browserify. A large list of NPM modules makes the browser more fast, convenient, and reliable.


The high degree of customization makes Vivaldi more strong and powerful in the market. The best combination of simplicity and modern style. Let’s enable you to tweak and change any part for creating your own unique experiences.

Simple Interface

An extremely adaptive interface offers a plethora of themes. Adding your favorite site to the sidebar, changing the position of any toolbar element. As well as the size and appearance of UI elements.


A configurable search option helps you to navigate fast. Keyboard shortcuts, mouse gestures, and bookmark manager to browse fast. The potent History overview enables the users to explore their browsing patterns.

Security & Privacy

The app gives complete security and privacy by giving full control over settings. The encryption of sync data with bookmarks and Speed-Dial, saved password, and auto-fill information, History, extensions, and a lot more.


Pros and Cons Vivaldi web browser

Pros Cons
Complex yet intuitive Can slow down under heavy loads
Fully customizable No Reading mode or Share button.
Multi-functional sidebar Can get cluttered if you enable all of its tools
Simple and lightweight design
It allows Chrome extensions


Vivaldi brings customizability and geekiness back to the Vivaldi web browser. It lacks some basic features offered by its more mature competition, but it’s fast and fun to use.

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