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November 4, 2020 - GetInsta (Free)
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1000, This is the goal! I suggest you achieve in terms of the number of subscribers. Why? Gaining 1000 followers on Instagram is a symbolic step that allows you to offer the first level of credibility to your profile. Then, if your audience is engaged with your account, you will be considered a nano influencer in your field. In this article, no magic, no talk. Only concrete action to obtain this first level fairly quickly. One last thing, you will reach the goal more or less easily depending on your activity, your thoroughness, and the quality of your posts. Let’s go!

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Get Your First 1000 Followers on Instagram With getinsta


This is one of the first questions you will need to ask yourself in order to capture the attention of your followers. To make your subscribers want to follow you, your identity must be strong. What do you want to represent in your profile, what image do you want to give yourself of your activity, of your passion? Which name will you choose to help you reach the goal of 1000 followers?

Another important point, imagine the first 9 shots that will make up your Instagram feed. These 9 photos must appeal to visitors in order for them to subscribe to you. The easier the exercise, the more content it will mean to share. Make no mistake, what will make the difference between you and other similar accounts is the quality of your content. Much of your strategy will need to be based on it.

Moreover, this step is essential to get off to a good start. Once you’ve found your account name and have your first 9 images, continue.

Tip 1: Pick a meaningful name that makes sense for your business. The profile picture is just as important at this stage of building your profile. Here are 5 accounts to inspire you: loptimismeofficiel, madame__voyage, plume_doctober, lesptitstouristes, la.quarantaine.


You have 150 characters to define the most simple, the most subtly, the most Instagrammable (ok I’m getting out!) Why you are on Instagram. Weigh every word and make sure your bio represents your profile. There is no set code or specific rules. Be creative and don’t forget to use Emojis!

Here are some examples of effective organic ways:



You can also play with Featured Stories to dress up your profile and give additional content to your followers. This practice is useful for increasing the lifespan of your most significant stories. Be careful to take good care of your cover visuals (see the examples just above) because they are part of your Instagram account showcase.


If you’re a business, use Instagram Professional Mode to accentuate your touchpoints with your followers. Conversely, switch to designer mode if you want to communicate as an individual. Note that the majority of nano influencers have active contact buttons (email addresses) to be contacted directly from Instagram. Then, these options will also provide access to statistics in order to track the performance of your account and the connection hours of your subscribers.

Tip 2: Create a little work ritual (every beginning of the week for example) during which you will monitor the evolution of your stats.

develop instagram account


Your feed is the first thing your visitors will see along with your bio when they look at your Instagram profile. For this reason, it is important to work well with each photo in your feed. Therefore, you need to make sure:

  • the photo is in good quality (no more blurry photos),
  • the image is in 1080 × 1350 pixels format,
  • each photo helps to represent the general atmosphere, to tell a story,
  • Brightness or equivalent filter for all series of 9 photos to have a good rendering.

build your feed


Then work on the caption that accompanies each image. Describe why you are sharing this photo rather than another with your fans. To generate more engagement, don’t hesitate to lengthen the format of your accompanying texts. This will have the double advantage of segmenting your target according to your objectives. For example, know that Gen Z consumes content quickly and often stops at the first 5 lines.



I recommend this technique ONLY to seed your account (until you reach the first 500 subscribers). To do so, go follow the active accounts of your competitors. Those who like, comment, share the content of these. Why is this method interesting? It will make it possible to gain targeted and active followers on Instagram very quickly. In fact, this audience will interact more easily with your posts because they have already shown an interest in your field of activity by taking an interest in your competitors.

  • Objective: Monitor 20 qualitatively targeted accounts per day.
  • Tip: Be sure to keep a positive follower-to-follow ratio in order to send good signals to Instagram about the quality of your account. Therefore, unsubscribe from accounts that do not follow you back within 3 days.


In addition to the first method, you will have to interact with the Instagram accounts that may be interested in your activity. The idea here is to humanize your account so that the community feels closer to your brand, so react to photos and videos showing your interest. Your followers will give it back to you!

  • Objective: Perform these tasks on 20 qualitatively targeted accounts per day.
  • Tip: Do not hesitate to react to posts from your community to build loyalty.


This is a very simple technique and yet I see very little on Instagram. As I said above, stories are highlighted on the platform. Moreover, a very simple manipulation allows you to share your publications from the feed to the story to increase interactions on it.

  • 1: Tap the paper plane icon (circled in green in the photo)
  • 2: Click “Add a publication to your story”

add your stories


 Lots of concepts have been seen in this article for you to gain Instagram followers. The important thing is to think carefully about the basis of your communication: your DNA => profile photo + bio + feed. Then, rigor (regularly publish stories / posts in the feed) and growth techniques will ensure you grow on this social network.


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