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December 10, 2019 - Tencent
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WeChat for web is for those all who still have the temptation of a big-screen comfort and ease of use with a desktop. Even though WeChat is a mobile app and there are more mobile users in the world than desktop users, but the percentage of desktop users is still overwhelming. WeChat wants to get the desktop users on board with their WeChat web chrome feature. These users can use WeChat online web for chatting, social media, buying online products and services and all other features. This is certainly going to boost the user base of WeChat significantly with time.

WeChat is a mobile text and voice messaging communication service developed by Tencent in China, first released in January 2011. The app is available on Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone platforms. Tencent owned ‘WeChat’ launched as a simple instant messenger application before transforming into the fully-fledged, integrated social network it has become. It is primarily an application for smartphones.

It is hard to convey the scale of WeChat’s popularity in China. By the end of 2018, approximately 1 billion monthly active users and 10 million+ official accounts. WeChat users spend on average an hour a day utilizing the many services that have been developed as an integral part of daily life in China.

WeChat QR Code Conveniency

WeChat Web is very useful for those who use WeChat Work. WeChat Work is growing greatly since its launch, and with WeChat version for pc windows, more and more people are using the app for their desktops and laptops for official works. They can transfer documents, upload content and perform various types of works from their computers swiftly which are inconvenient to perform from smartphones and tablets. Moreover, there are a lot of users who want to do multi-tasking with WeChat web chrome. They want to do their usual works on their computer while staying connected with the app on the web for messaging and social networking. This is why WeChat for pc download has been a positive step from the WeChat team for better user experience.

WeChat For Web

WeChat For Web Features

File Sharing
Instantly share your images and documents with other WeChatters straight from your computer. Your friends can receive files whether they’re on their mobile device or tuned in via the desktop program.

Screenshot Tool
Sometimes it’s easier to explain something with a screenshot, whether it’s for work, school or fun. Screenshot Tool allows you to capture and send an image of your screen with visual call-outs, using additional shapes and texts.

Group Chat Mentions
The group chats mention feature makes it easy to grab someone’s attention when so much is going on. When you mention someone in a group chat, that user will receive a special notification so s/he won’t miss your message.

Message Recall
“We know that typos aren’t limited to the smartphone, so we’ve enabled the Message Recall feature on PC application as well. Please note that only the most recent message sent within the last 2 minutes can be unsent.”

Other Features
With We Chat for Windows, you can also forward messages and view Sights sent from your contacts. “And because your conversations are private, we’ve made sure that the interactions on the desktop version are only preserved on your mobile device.” So when you log off your PC you can still view the messages on your phone.

Note: Requires WeChat mobile app.

Different Ways OF Using WeChat Web 

There are two different ways people can use WeChat on their desktops and laptops.

WeChat For Web – WeChat uses the QR code technology to allow users to use the app online on their computers. They integrate the mobile app with the WeChat Web platform. To access WeChat Web platform from web browsers, one needs to access with the web address https://web.wechat.com/

All one needs to do after the above link opens is to scan the QR code displayed on the screen on their computers through the WeChat app on their smartphones. On successful scanning, the app will be accessible on the web browser as long as the smartphone is connected with the internet.

Desktop App – There is a dedicated desktop application available for WeChat on windows pc download. On successful installing the application on the computer, the users do not have to scan QR code every time. You can access WeChat directly from the application after sign in into their WeChat account.

Complete Step-by-step guide to use WeChat Web

The web version of WeChat like WhatsApp needs that the user has the app on the phone.

It is a little bit tricky to access the web version of WeChat, but here are the steps to WeChat Web:

1. Visit WeChat Web on https://web.wechat.com or click on the icon on the top of this website.

2. Start your smartphone WeChat app

wechat for web QR Code

3. Click on the + icon on the top right corner and select Scan QR Code

4. Scan the QR code from the website web.wechat.com

wechat app

5. You are online! Please do not forget to leave open your WeChat App on your phone

WeChat Windows version allows you to chat and share files just like you can on the mobile versions. Sometimes you just can’t replace a call or face-to-face chat with friends, whether it be on your mobile or desktop. That’s why in the latest version of WeChat for Windows, it is introducing group voice and video calls now available directly from your PC via the tool!

Once downloaded, your PC will generate a QR Code for you to log in via your mobile device. Please note, you will only be asked to scan the QR code on your first successful login per desktop. You will only need to verify your login through your device thereafter or until the device has been unlinked.

These include:

  • Text/video/picture messaging
  • WeChat moments (akin to Facebook’s news feed)
  • QR Codes
  • Mapping and localization services
  • WeChat Gaming
  • E-wallet, Payment and Financial services
  • Dating
  • Mobile phone top-up
  • ‘Didi Kaudi’ – Taxi Ordering

The WeChat Web version is responsive and you can view it on your computer, tablet or phone.

Enjoy WeChat Web!


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