Aurora 3D Animation Maker 2.1.08

July 17, 2021 - Aurora 3D Software (Free)
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Aurora 3D Animation Maker for Mac will allow you to create beautiful and eye-catching 3D animations that will transform your text or logos into original and awesome-looking creations! Using just a single timeline, you’ll be able to control all aspects of your animation, including its length, speed of playback, and much more! Make your own movie title animations for the web or movies in minutes. You don’t even need mastery over the basics of 3D Design.

This is best 3d animation software designed to help you create 3D animations that you can use for websites, presentations or various projects. They focus on banners, text, logos and buttons.

Aurora 3D Animation Maker For Mac

The interface of the app is clean and pretty intuitive; you start a new project by using a blank page or by selecting a template from a wide range of options.

Put your creativity to work with an easy-to-use 3D Movie Title, Flash Banner, and Gif Animation! Quickly Design Video Title, Web Banner, and 3D Logo Animation! Export to Video, Flash (windows), Gif Animation, and Image Sequences! Full Compatibility with Photoshop, Illustrator, iMovie, Final Cut, Premiere, and so on.

Web design entails much more than just selecting the right graphics and layout. If you plan to make an impact on the competitive market of websites, most of them looking bland and uninteresting, you need to use eye-popping visuals that capture and hold your audience’s attention!

System Requirements

Operating System Mac OS 10.6 or later with 64bit processor
Memory 1 GB RAM
Storage Space 150 MB available hard disk space
Graphics Design Hardware accelerated 3D graphics card with FSAA support is better.

Technical Specification

Software Name Aurora 3D Animation Maker For Mac V 2.1.08
File Size 76.3 MB
Languages English
License Free Trial
Developer Aurora 3D Software


Aurora 3D Animation Maker Software For Mac Features

  • Key-Frame Animation: Using just a single timeline, you will be able to control all aspects of your animation, including the length, playback speed, and more.
  • Particles Effects: You will have a more splendid scene effect, such as space radiation, rain, snow, fireworks, smoke, etc., You are free to improve the scenes when you need to attract the eye.
  • Internal Animation Style: Every object can have many types of animations, such as rotate, swing, beat, wave, fade, typewriter, pulse.
  • 3D Manipulator: Drag the button at the right-bottom of an object, and you can extrude the text or shape. You can control the object position, rotate and scale at X/Y/Z.
  • Animation Templates: Get a lot of 3D title and logo templates. Make your own 3D title animation in minutes for web and movie. Don’t need the basics of 3D Design.
  • Free-Hand Shape: Create your shape easily with Aurora 3D Animation Maker. Use the freehand shape tool, to edit your shape. You can import an .SVG file to the canvas and edit the nodes of the shape.
  • Quick Styles: You can change an object’s appearance quickly, just select the object and click the styles color button. You can get your results quickly.
  • SVG & Picture Import: Import a 2D shape such as an .SVG file, and import the SVG file to the freehand canvas and edit it. Or import pictures to the software and change them to 3D Effect.
  • 3D Graphic Mode: Changing the graphic mode can quickly change the style of your design. You have Borders, Board, Buttons, 2D, and 3D Text.
  • Shape Switch: Change an object’s shape. Just select the shape and select another shape on the panel. You can edit the shape detail by editing the properties.
  • Graphics Library: Add a shape from the SVG shape library, text shape library, or from the toolbox. There are as many as four thousand shapes in the library.
  • Text Edit: Full control of the text. Every text can use a different format and colors.
  • Color And Texture: Select different parts of an object and change the color. Supports dynamic texture, let the texture move, rotate and scale automatically on the object.
  • Distort Effects: Shape and text can have many types of distortions, such as sector, curve, arch, heave, sunken, wave.
  • Dynamic Background: Supports dynamic background, let the background move, rotate and scale automatically.
  • Light and Camera Animation: Full control of light settings, and camera animation control.
  • Set Render Size: You can set the size of preview and export.
  • Export Image: Export designs as PNG, JPG, Tiff, BMP, GIF, TGA files, which can be imported and edited in other illustration applications.
  • Export Animation: Export Animation to Movie, GIF animation or Image Sequence as you like. Which can be imported and edited in other video edit applications.

3D Animation Maker Software Download

Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
Quickly and easily create 3D animations for movie introductions presentations or websites There is a free trial but the software itself is not free
Templates and pre-loaded effects mean you don’t have to be an animator to make cool animations

3D Animation Maker Software FAQs

Why the program crash when I use it or export my design?

1. If use on Windows system, Please check your computer graphics card driver is installed, don’t use window system default graphics card driver, please update your graphic display card driver to the latest version.

2. Click Tools -> Rendering Engine, and change to DirectX mode. If you have been in DirectX mode, change to OpenGL. and re-run the software again.

3. Please make sure you used “Hardware AA” in the Antialiasing Quality settings on the export dialog.

4. Try don’t check “Realtime Rendering” option on the export animation dialog.

5. Please open  menu [Setup->Render Size], select “Film & Video” profile and make sure the size is standard video size, and set the project resolution to 72 Pixel/Inch in the render size setup dialog.

6. If your graphic display card is Intel HD Graphic,  try to reduce the rendering size of your project.

Why I can’t open my video which I exported or why I got “Set compress format failed” when I export video?

1. If you exported a un-compressed video, maybe the file size is too large, the video looks lagged when you play it.

2. If you exported a compressed video, maybe you used wrong video compressor, we suggest you choose “Google V8 Video Codec” in the compressor list on the export animation dialog.

How to find all volumes on the Mac OS?

When you import or export your design, you can fill in “/Volumes” in the path text box on the dialog, then you can find all volumes on your Mac.

Why the objects quality looks very bad in the rendering window?

1.  If your graphics card don’t support FSAA, you may see some jagged at shapes edge. please update your graphic display card driver to the latest version and try it again.

2.  Click Tools -> Rendering Engine, and change to DirectX mode. If you have been in DirectX mode, change to OpenGL. and re-run the software again.

3. If still can’t resolve it, don’t worry, when you export your design, choose “Software AA” in the Antialiasing Quality settings on the export dialog.

How to update my software to new version?

  • Open the software, and open the menu: Help -> Software Update.
  • The software will check the new version, and prompt you whether or not have. you can choose to update.